Friday, July 22, 2011

Earn Double Box Tops for your School

I received an email yesterday morning that I wanted to share.  It’s about earning double box tops for your school!!


This Summer there are going to be a few ways that you can earn double box tops.  You can purchase one of the products that will be carrying two box tops.  Check out the list here, to see the list of products that will be carrying double box tops.  Don’t forget that many of your “club” stores carry products as well!

Another way to earn double box tops is shopping online through one of these retailers.  But, you have to sign in through the Box Tops website and click the retailer that you wish to shop at.  This is the only way to earn the box tops.  BUT, it’s easy and free to do so!  Plus you can shop year round this way and earn box tops!  Here you can see the list of participating retailers for the double box tops.  I know that I’ll be shopping with the Disney Store soon!  {that’s one of the retailers to earn double box tops}

And when you sign up with Box Tops, don’t forget to enter the Totino’s sweepstakes and you could earn 250,000 box tops for your school!!  WOW!

Don’t forget if your using Facebook or Twitter to like and follow Box Tops for updates!

If your skeptical about the box tops, check out what other schools have done with the money they have earned through collecting box tops

**this is just information that I wanted to share with y’all from the email I received.  I was not compensated in anyway.**


Miller Racing Family said...

Great information! With Trey starting school this fall I know we will need to start clipping the box tops. Have a great weekend!

Lori said...

Interesting! Thanks for sharing :)