Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sipping Iced Beverages with your Keurig

The Keurig has been on the market for several years now.  It’s become one of the most popular ways for households to make their morning {or anytime} cup of joe.  It really is the easiest way to get your caffeine fill anytime.  You can each choose your very own selection of beverage and hit start and in about two minutes your on our way. 

With Summer in full swing I find myself drinking less and less coffee and more iced sweet tea.  It’s not that my love of coffee has gone anywhere it’s just that it’s so hot outside, that unless my coffee is iced, I’m not fond of drinking it while sitting out by the pool. 

So why am I writing about a Keurig in the Summer?  Because I am sure you all think that all it can make it hot coffee, tea, cider and hot chocolate.  Well, that was the case, until recently.  I got the opportunity to try out some great new Brew Over Ice K-Cups and I have to admit, it was nice sipping an iced French Vanilla Coffee out by the pool.  And since I worked in a coffee shop years ago I was even able to make iced mochas from the regular coffee flavors Brew Over Ice K-Cups! {brew on 4oz, mix in an oz or two of chocolate syrup, pour into a 16oz cup that is filled to the top with ice, mix in cold milk}

june 2011 004

Not only is Keurig making the iced coffees, but teas as well.  You’ll just have to add sugar if your from the South and like your tea sweet, like I did.  The first try without sugar and it was not something that I could ever drink, but after adding sugar and it was good.  So don’t push your Keurig to the side of the counter top or put it away in the cabinets during the Summer months, you can enjoy it just the same with the Brew Over Ice K-Cups.

**the above mentioned items were received for review purposes only.  all opinions are honest and my own.

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Kay said...

We would just LOVE to own one of those! :)