Monday, May 23, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

(one)  It’s really nice to wake up and actually have a chance to get Miscellany Monday up before 5pm.  Summer break is fantastic!  I encouraged Kayla to be a teacher when she grows up so she can enjoy her Summers.  She said that’s a fantastic idea.  Actually, after getting the chance to come to work with me on bring your child to work day, she decided then that she loved being with the little kids and that teaching was one of her top options as a career choice.

(two)  My back is killing me.  Actually, I think that might be an understatement.  We tried mattress shopping back in October for our anniversary but couldn’t find a mattress we loved.  Then again, we didn’t shop every where either.  But I told Zack this morning that our body aches in the mornings are soon to be numbered.  We are going to take full advantage of “Memorial Day Sales” and hit up every store in this town that sales mattresses.  This is miserable!  Then again, if we can’t find one in our town, I’m willing to order from the new Serta collection on QVC. 

(three)  Kayla’s arm is healing up fairly nicely.  Oh, I only posted about this on Facebook.  Well, on Saturday I came inside to make sno cones {yep, bought us a sco cone maker} and they were hanging out on the pool deck.  I have no idea what Kayla was doing but she tripped and sliced her arm on the hinge of a folding lounge chair.  We put a few butterfly bandages on but knew that it needed stitches.  The girls and I changed clothes went to the walk in clinic, because I detest ER’s.  I told the girl at the window I was unsure if she needed stitches but that it was pretty deep.  I paid the co pay and proceeded to sit and sit and sit.  After 2 hours we were finally called back and after 30 more minutes of sitting in the room the PA came in, looked at it, peeled back a couple of the butterfly bandages and said that since we did that and had been there so long it had started to heal!!  WHAT?!  So, we wasted that much time waiting and waiting to pay our co pay for NOTHING!  That was the highlight of our first official day of Summer vacation.

(four)  Our a/c unit.  We have sorta narrowed it down to what might be wrong with it.  We had an a/c tech come over on Saturday and he checked it all out, everything was perfect AND of course since he was there the unit wouldn’t show him the problem.  Only AFTER he left.  He told Zack that he thought it might be the thermostat and to change it out.  I called my brother who works in the business to order us one.  He had Zack talk to my nephew who is a a/c tech {the best there is, btw} and he told Zack to snip a wire in the thermostat.  If it still did the “thing” it wasn’t the thermostat and that it was something else.  Well, it did the thing.  OK…so it’s not the thermostat.  Drats!  Well, Zack called my nephew back and got some more info to call the a/c guy today to tell him.  Thankful for my nephew! 

(five)  I love tan lines.  Don’t ask me why, but I am not one of those that would strip naked if I went to a tanning bed.  I like to see my tan lines.  Strange, I’m sure.  However, I will compare my arms to my stomach in the shower to see how dark I’m getting.  Yea, I know, it’s strange.

(six)  I haven’t worked out since we went to Disney World in March.  That was over two months ago.  I got on the elliptical yesterday and it was brutal.  I only did 30 minutes on the lowest setting, but good grief, if it weren’t for Harry Potter on tv, I’m not so sure I would have stuck it out.  And funny thing, I’m gonna do it all over again today. :) 


A-K said...

So glad Kayla is OK! She must take after her cousin in the clumsy department :) A good matress is a must...too bad I've never had one LOL! The older we get...the more important it is! And seriously, gotta get the AC working- it is too dang hot to be without it this summer, and even now actually. I'm right the opposite...I totally despise my tan lines LOL! Guess it doesn't bother me as much as long as they are hidden. Enjoy your summer girl! It will be fun...even if I am ridiculously jealous. Kayla better be serious about the teaching thing...if she doesn't do it, she will always wish she had of! Just like me and 99% of my female college graduating class :)

Summer said...

A good mattress and pillows are a must! I love our mattress and we just got these memory foam pillows LOVE them....girl I am with you on the tan line it weird that I put fake tan on in a bathing suit so I can still have the tan lines lol...I can't tan anymore cause I'm sick but I can fake tan LOL...
Yay that you may have found out the problemo to your A/C and hope Kayla recovers 100%


Lori said...

Haha I watched Harry Potter on TV yesterday too! It was amazing :) I hope you figure out what's wrong with your AC!

Al said...

That is SO what I need - something set up in front of the TV - maybe THEN I would work out!! Happy Monday, and I love your bog! Super cute :)

Anonymous said...

super sweet and very cute blog!

xoxo-your new follower...
Hannah @ A Lovely Mess

Come see me too!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I think we need a new mattress too. We've had ours going on 8 years and it has seen better days:) And our upstairs ac has been leaking water the past few days, and hopefully Jason and his buddy from work can figure it out today. Last night Henry and Grant slept in the downstairs playroom because it was just too hot to sleep upstairs with no ac running!