Monday, May 23, 2011

Invisalign and Invisalign Teen

I remember in elementary and middle school as all my adult teeth came in, I knew that I needed braces.  I would look in the mirror daily and be faced with severely crowded teeth when I would smile and be heart broken that I didn’t have the perfect set of chompers.  I begged my parents for braces.  I wanted perfect teeth more than anything.  I wanted a perfect smile so that I wouldn’t be called “vampire” by my peers.  My self confidence was crushed. 
After a consultation with our family dentist, he said that braces weren’t necessary.  I told my momma that he was wrong and that it was clear that I needed them, desperately.  She said we would make an appointment at another time.  But about that time my friends started getting braces and I started hearing the horror stories that went along with them.  From head aches to ear pain and sore jaws to aching gums.  I changed my mind fast and decided that I was unique in the fact that my teeth were crooked and that I didn’t look like most everybody else.  As I moved into high school the teasing stopped and my confidence came back.  
Now that I’m almost 30 my self confidence is starting to slide and I know that one of the main reasons is my smile.  A smile isn’t everything, but it is a big deal.  I do it almost all the time.  I work with preschool aged children on a daily basis and I am on their level a lot.  This year had some rough points where some of the kids brought back some of my teasing days by saying that I looked like a vampire and even asking why my teeth look the way they do.   It’s hard to face those ghosts all over again.  I have and I’m moving passed it, but it’s difficult.  As we all know being teased in school is something that sticks with you for life.
With that being said, if Invisalign would have existed when I was growing up, I wouldn’t have had to worry about those horror stories.  I could have gotten Invisalign Teen, which is specifically for teens! Invisalign and Invisalign Teen is the newest form of “braces” for straightening and imagecorrecting over bites, etc.  
Invisalign works by using custom-made aligners that you wear and change out and over time straighten and correct your teeth.  So you wear a set of aligners {that are removable for teeth brushing, flossing, eating, etc.}, and every two weeks you put in a new set until your treatment is finished.  There are no wires or cementing brackets to your teeth or going in to your orthodontist to have anything tightened up ever so often.  No worrying about keeping all those wires clean and you can pretty much eat whatever you want.  Plus most of the time people aren’t even aware you have your aligners in.   image
After reading all about Invisalign and Invisalign Teen,  I know that if either of my girls ever need braces that this is the route that I would choose for them.  Actually, it’s a route that I’d love to choose for myself. 
I’d love to gain my self confidence back and work on the overall health of my teeth.  Although I’ve never had one cavity, I have never been able to floss with ease and I know as I get older that flossing should be part of my daily oral hygiene.  The year before last my dentist told me that he wanted to see me in braces before I was 30 to keep my oral health up to par.  Let’s just hope that I can manage to do something about that before I turn 30.

**this is a sponsored post and I was compensated for my time in writing it.  however, opinions are honest and my own.** 

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