Tuesday, May 24, 2011

If You Don’t Use it, it’ll go to waste…

Your mind that is.  Well, that saying also goes with produce but this post is about your brain. :)

Just because school is out for Summer vacation doesn’t mean that my kids are going to sit around and let what they’ve learned this past year be forgotten.  Of course we plan on vacations, the beach, wasting away by the pool, hanging out on the swing set and playing all sorts of glow in the dark fun.  But there will be a few times a week that we set aside a little bit of educational time.  

With Kayla going into seventh grade I have no idea WHAT to work with her on this Summer.  I am guessing that she’ll continue to read but I think that since she’s on year book, I’ll also have her take lot’s of and lot’s of pictures to practice her photography.  And I’ll give her writing prompts to work on her creative writing.  And she’ll be learning some Astronomy this Summer because we will be breaking out the telescope almost nightly.  This is her and Zack’s thing.  As much as I love looking at something, I hate the waiting and searching the night sky for some constellation of planet.  Star maps aren’t my thing.

And with Kelsie I plan on working on her sight words she learned this past year and starting to work on the first grade sight words.  Plus, I have looking over some first grade blogs and have found so many fun little things to work with her on.  One thing we will read a book together and then she’ll use her composition notebook to draw a picture from the book and write something about it.  {have I mentioned how much I love her writing?!}  Plus we are going to do a moon log that I found here.  This is perfect because of the whole astronomy for Kayla and the use of her telescope.  Plus we are going to read, read, read!  I am very lucky that both my girls love to read and write. 


The Starr Family said...

What a mama, workin' those girls :) The great thing, is that there are so many resources available to us as moms online; helps the at-home preparation be more successful!

Miller Racing Family said...

How funny, we are doing the same thing. We call it the Miller Summer School. We do a little paper work in the morning, thank goodness I was a kindergarten teacher. Then we do differnt educational games throughout the day. Hope you all have a fun, education filled summer!