Friday, May 13, 2011

Kindergarten Water Day

Kelsie had Kindergarten water day today and I took the day off to see it.  From sprinklers and slip-n-slides to bubbles and footballs, the kids had so much fun.  Kelsie had a blast even though her legs and shoes were a muddy mess.  {she hates being dirty}
They had sno cones and popcorn for snack and I got to sit and talk to one of the other moms and several of the teachers.  As chaotic as it all seemed the kids were doing pretty much what they were supposed to be doing, going around from station to station enjoying themselves. 
Here are some pictures from her day.
may 2011 003
may 2011 005
may 2011 009
may 2011 013
It was a great day and I’m glad that I got to be there. 


Kelli said...

What a fun activity. I've heard about schools doing cool. Sniff...I miss that red head.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

That looks like so much fun! Grant is having a luau today but I think they just get popsicles and play on the playground:)

A-K said...

Water day looked like such a good time! Gotta love a muddy mess sometimes :)

Miller Racing Family said...

Now this looks fabulous. WE have had a few warm days last week and Trey was dying to get the slip n slide out but we are thankful that didn't happen as it is in the low 60's this week.
Hope all is well with you. Have a fabulous day!