Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Busy and Sick

I’m not even sure that I’ve been online longer than 30 minutes in the past week or so.  My excuse….sick and busy.
Sick.  A strange stomach bug hit the girls and I.  One of which I was pretty sure that I was suffering from migraines.  However, found out that it was a stomach bug.  Strange, I tell ya.  While I was sick Kayla cooked dinner on two different nights.  One night it was scrambled eggs and waffles and the next it was spaghetti.  She did a fabulous job!  I’ll have to keep that in mind the next time I’m sick. ;-)
Busy.  We finished the swing set, except for the “horse”.  We will get it up this weekend.  The mulch got finished up the other day so I don’t have recent photos of it yet.  We had just started the mulch when I was taking pictures of Kelsie playing on it.  Kayla wasn’t home to be in the pictures, she spent the night with her friend.
may 2011 010
may 2011 014
may 2011 015
may 2011 016
Honestly, the girls are in love with it.  They ask to go out every single day.  I can’t wait to finish the “horse” this weekend and get photos up of it all finished.  Yes, we are missing part of our privacy fence.  This is because in the spot where the swing set was built we tore down a shed.  My parents didn’t fence behind it since they couldn’t get behind it.  We are planning on finishing the fence up this fall.  The weather here has decided that it wants to be Summer now so it’s too hot to get out there and work.
Our pool.  I have been working on it for what seems like forever.  We have it almost ready and it will be ready by the weekend.  I bought new floats the other day at Target and we will be relaxing in and by it this weekend.
Mothers Day.  It was wonderful.  Zack actually surprised me a few days before with an Orchid.  I have wanted one for so long and he brought one home one afternoon.  It’s beautiful.  I can’t wait to show y’all pictures when I get back to blogging.  We went out to eat on Saturday because we knew Sunday would be crowded.  We also got cinnamon rolls from Cinnabon for breakfast on Sunday morning.  I woke up and had those and coffee in bed.  We spent the day relaxing.  Zack grilled steaks on the grill and we had wonderful scalloped potatoes and crusty garlic bread.  We went to Kohls and I also got a new shirt.  It was a great day!
8 days.  We only have 8 days left until school is out.  I’m not working tomorrow because I am going to Kelsie’s water day.  Then next week we have our water day and Kelsie’s graduation.  Then on Friday our kids will have their graduation and school will be out for the Summer! 
Summer.  We are ready!

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Kelli @ RTSM said...

We only have 8 days left too and I'm not sure I'm quite ready for summer yet! The swing set looks awesome! I know your girls are going to love it this summer:)