Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wellness Programs in the Work Place

I actually read somewhere recently that sitting at a computer for such-n-such hours a day increases your chances for heart disease and other health risks. The article was giving tips on what to do to stay active while at work since this is where most of us spend our daily time. One of these tips was implementing a lunch hour walk or weight lifting session. I thought, what an awesome idea! You basically get a group of your coworkers together and just go for it. Another suggestion was to do this, but go a step further. The extra step was to go to the head of your office or company and ask for the whole office to participate. Thinking about the whole office, whatever happened to company softball teams?! I don’t hear much of that anymore.

Well apparently some companies and larger corporations are taking on the importance of their employees health because they are enlisting a health and/or wellness program. One of these companies is Infinity Dish. I am sure you’ve heard of them. They are the largest retailer or Dish Network here in North America. Here is the information regarding the Infinity Dish wellness program. I think that the idea of them giving discounted rates to a gym is a wonderful idea! What better way than to spend your lunch hour then running on the treadmill or hitting up a yoga class. I personally would love to be offered discounts like this! I would definitely be using this to my benefit. Of course this isn’t all they are doing. I encourage you to check it out for yourself. Who knows, maybe the next meeting you have at work you can bring up something like what Infinity Dish is doing and change your companies outlook on your and your coworkers health.

If you have a Facebook then you should “like” the Infinity Dish facebook page. Here you’ll get all Infinity Dish information you need!

**This is a sponsored post and I was compensated for my time. However the opinion is my own.**

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