Friday, March 18, 2011

End of Times

You know, it wasn’t too long ago when we were seeing “Haiti Relief” on Yahoo’s homepage.  Now it’s “Japan Relief”.  The natural disasters keep happening and the end of times are nearer than they were yesterday.
As I was watching the news coverage on the earthquake and the tsunami in Japan I couldn’t help but wonder if God was wiping away the evil.  The wave crashed on shore and destroyed so much. My heart broke for those that lost their lives, their homes and their belongings.
I prayed for those that were affected.  I prayed for those of us that weren’t.  I prayed that we would all seek out Christ and change our lives before he wiped the rest of us away.  I know that our life here is short.  We aren’t guaranteed eternity on Earth. Earth won’t be here forever.  We all die.  Jesus will be coming back. 
Do you see all these recent events as the end of times?  I do.  Things keep happening and this world is getting worse.  All we can do is pray.


Lori said...

Very interesting. I have seen some fb posts about this, but honestly haven't put much thought to it. Mainly I think about the devastation and the families the tsunami/earthquakes have affected... awful.

I agree with you that all we can do is PRAY.

Kelli said...

I do think we are approaching the end times, especially with all of the earthquakes...major earthquakes. I'm praying for all of the non-believers.

Miller Racing Family said...

Great post. I think you are totally right what we all need to do is turn to God!