Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Day After Valentine’s Day

I had this really long and great post wrote out and Windows Live Writer just lost it!  It didn’t auto save at anytime and for some reason just stopped working and shut down. :-(  Just gone.  So now since I’m not going to write the whole thing again so I’ll do a quick update.
  • I’ve was sick.  24 hour stomach bug last Thursday.
  • Kayla came down with the flu on Friday and stayed home from school then and yesterday.  She was fever free all day yesterday, sounded better and looked better so she went back today. I am a firm believer in Vitamin C and bought her orange juice with the highest vit c per serving, 120%.  I made her drink nothing but oj Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  She took Dayquil every 4 hours and Nyquil before bed.  {not tooting my own horn but I think the oj cured her.} ;-)
  • I ate an entire box of chocolates yesterday.  Yep, it consisted of 13 pieces of ooey gooey chocolate and I ate it all.  Thank you mother nature! ;-)  The kids at school had a great party in our class.  Parents sent in oodles of cupcakes, cookies and candy.  We will be eating on this stuff all week long!  Thank you again Mother Nature and lack of will power this week! 
  • Zack and I don’t really do Valentine’s Day anymore.  I told him that I don’t need a $5 card that tells me how much he loves me, when it comes from his own mouth it means a lot more.  So we just don’t really do anything for each other.  He of course always surprises me with flowers.  I am not a rose person, and who wants to pay $60 for a dozen roses on one day a year when any other day you can get that same dozen for $15?!  So I am thrilled with my tulips! :-) 
feb 2011 019
  • The kids got their Valentine’s goodies yesterday morning, candy for each and a book for Kayla and a movie for Kelsie. 
feb 2011 013feb 2011 016
  • I have been taking more pictures. 
feb 2011 001
Kelsie put together her goody bags for her class.  Candy, whistles, heart shaped slinkies, and silly bandz.  Kayla was observing.  She’s past the age now for holiday class parties.  They grow up so fast.


Anonymous said...

Jeff came home with a bag FULL of Valentine's! He has candy coming out of the ears lol Between it, what we got him and what his Me Maw got him, he will not need any candy for a long, long time!!!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

My kiddos had so much stuff at their parties yesteday and they came home with a ton of candy too! How sad that Kayla is too old for parties at school!!