Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Yay! My Much Needed Photo Update!

Ahhh.  It’s great to have my laptop back.  I can now post with pictures and check my email and Facebook from the couch.  I can update my blog header and change out my desktop layout. {I change it out according to season with personal photos}  I can work on our Christmas cards, that we’ll be taking pictures for Thanksgiving weekend on the farm in Bama.  I’m just all around happy that my little buddy is back home, where he belongs. :-) 
First things first.  This post will be bombarded with photos.  I have to start with Kelsie’s Halloween party at school.  They played freeze dance and ate cupcakes.  Kelsie and a few of her friends dressed up. 
october 2010 024
october 2010 026
october 2010 031
Then on Friday night, we went on the first annual haunted hay ride.  It was a lot of fun.  Kayla brought along her friend that she’s had since Kindergarten.  They had a lot of fun goofing off while waiting in line.  Oh and let me assure you, they were NOT making gang signs.  They were making their friendship sign.  I just happen to take the photo while they were trying to figure out the right way to do it.   Kelsie decided to make a heart. :-)
october 2010 035
Then on Saturday night we went trick or treating.  We went to a subdivision that my cousin told us about.  It was well worth the drive over. {which wasn’t but just a little ways up the road}  The kids got so much candy that we had to dump their bags once and they got them filled back up again.  And this was not even going to all the houses!  We will def be going back next year!  Kelsie was Jessie from Toy Story and Kayla was little red riding hood.
october 2010 051
Oh and just last week Kayla received an award at school for being apart of the top GPA’s for the A/B Honor Roll.  This was the picture that I got of her.  The lighting was horrible!
october 2010 055
So that’s my photo update.  Not as many as I wanted to post, but that’s ok.  I have to go and give Kelsie a bath and fold the rest of the laundry.  We are out of school here tomorrow for Veterans Day.  We plan on not doing much of anything at all.
Oh and I have to show y’all Kelsie’s chin!  I have to take a photo of that tonight.  She and Kayla were running and playing last night and Kelsie fell, chin first into the coffee table.  It bruised up immediately.  This morning we woke up and the bruise was spreading upwards toward her mouth. :(  Poor thing, it looks pitiful.  She says that it doesn’t hurt and I’m just thankful that she didn’t knock out any teeth or break her nose.  Speaking of teeth…Kelsie also lost her first tooth a couple of weeks ago!!  She’s a big girl!


A-K said...

Hooray! So glad you got your laptop back and are updating again :) The girls look so cute and are growing up so quick! Can't wait until y'all come to the farm! We are gonna have fun...get the smiles ready...we will be taking some pictures!

Kelli said...

Their costumes are so cute...I love Red Riding Hood. Gang are funny. I'm so excited that you got your laptop back...I know how you've missed it a ton.