Sunday, November 14, 2010

Who Knew Cleaning Could Be So Much Fun!

Ok, first and foremost, I was not paid for this review nor did I receive the product to review.  I bought this with my own money from QVC! 

I have wanted a steam mop for a while now.  I have seen commercials and knew that one day a steam mop would be an excellent purchase.  We were watching QVC not too long ago and the Haan Steam Mop came on air.  The part of the presentation that sold me was the fact that it will wipe away soap scum.  Our master bathroom has tile around the shower walls that was painted over.  It’s like a magnet for soap scum.  And it doesn’t want to come off, at all.  It’s like glue. 

But after seeing the presentation and the fact that it was on Easy Pay, I had to have it.

It came faster than I thought it would and the day that UPS brought it to my door, I literally made plans to clean the floors and our shower walls. 

It’s the easiest thing to use and cleans so quick.  I loved not having to actually mop.  If you’ve been thinking about getting one I highly suggest you take the jump and grab one up.  It’s awesome!

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Beth in NC said...

Oh wow. Did it work on the shower doors? I have 21 years worth of soap scum! I might want to get one too!!!!