Saturday, November 13, 2010

Well Hello, Murderous Bird!

A couple of weeks ago one morning when we were driving away to school/work, Zack heard all the birds going crazy and then a thud.  He turned to see what it was and saw a huge bird on the ground.  He went to grab the camera {thanks Baby!} and started taking pictures.  Upon closer viewing he noticed that the bird had caught a squirrel.  It’s a red tail hawk!  Poor little squirrel didn’t have a chance. :(

october 2010 010 copy

october 2010 016 copy

october 2010 018 copy


Beth in NC said...

Wow, he is beautiful and scary at the same time (especially when he looked at the camera). Ha.

I love to hear them, but hate it when I see them capture a smaller bird. Mice? Eat all they want of them. Blech.

Kelli said...

Eek...nope, not a chance.