Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Blog Without Pictures....

I am heart broken. Really. Why? Because I can't post any pictures. I have all these great photos from Halloween but can't show y'all. I have all these photos for my reviews but I can't show y'all. My laptop is currently in the hands of the Geek Squad and they said it would be a couple of weeks until it's all well again. :(

I have tried multiple times to post pictures from this computer to a post, but it won't work. It's just not loading them, at all. I use Windows Live Writer on my laptop and tried to download it to this computer too. But no such luck. It wouldn't work. It is giving me an error when trying to upload it. Ugh! So frustrating. So until I get my EBF {electronic best friend} back I guess I'll refrain from posting unless I have too. But you better believe as soon as I get it back I will be posting TONS of pictures and I'll update my header. It's time for it to get to looking a little more festive!


Adori Graphics said...

Can you create your post in HTML with Windows Live Writer? It's so long since I used it that I can't remember. If you can then you could add your image in there. I think you'll already know how to do that, maybe you've tried already, but here is the code incase you didn't (or maybe one of your readers is having the same problem). <img src="IMAGE URL>. Just replace IMAGE URL with the "direct link" for your image. The direct links starts "http" and end with the file type, such as jpg, png etc.

Sorry about your computer prob, mine died a few months ago - I was gutted but I managed to get it fixed 2 days later. I can't imagine being without mine for 2 weeks. Eeeek!

Kelli said...

That is SO sad. I hope they get it fixed fast so I can see my cuties.