Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dear PC,

Oh how I've loved you since I was in the 6th grade. I'll never forget getting my first computer. It was a monstrosity of a machine, a Packard Bell. I thought that I was the coolest kid around. No other friend of mine that I knew of had a computer of their own, in their bedroom. I would use those free AOL discs from Walmart and sign on unlimited amounts of time. Chatting in chat rooms and looking around at not much of anything. The internet was not all that it is today. I played a lot of solitaire and mindsweeper, those were "the" games of yesteryear.

I remember playing Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?. It was a blast!

That was 17 years ago. I have had a few more computers since my first. But they all have one thing in common, they were all PC's. My most recent computer purchase was in Spring of 2009. I bought my first laptop. The desktop was getting old, after all we had had it since we first got married. I needed something faster, something portable. Well, before the computer made it to a year old, the battery died. Luckily we had purchased the extended warranty so it was replaced. Now my dear friends, my Compaq is now in computer Heaven.

Yesterday her screen lit up for the very last time. Not even two years old and she no longer works. She went out with a bang, well not quiet, but she did smoke! We haven't called Best Buy yet, we are still in mourning. We are worried about losing all of our pictures and videos. Zack has read too many horror stories about the infamous "Geek Squad" wiping the hard drive clean even when customers have ask about their photos, videos, files, etc. He has talked to a couple of the IT guys that he works with and apparently there is hope. {at least we hope!}

So my dear PC, we are through. I vow that I will never make another PC purchase. I wanted a Mac when I was laptop shopping, but geeez they are high! So I made a frugal decision and went with a PC. Would my Mac have already died?? It's hard to say, but I don't think so.

We've had a great run PC. I will always cherish our memories but I'll be glad to see the blue screen, Windows updates, and IE crashes go!!

Best wishes to you, PC!!


Kelli said...

LOL...when I saw the title I thought you were gonna say you're leaving PC. I'm so sorry it died. Send Ron a FB message about how to deal with the Geek Squad...he may have some tips from working at Best Buy. Good luck in the hunt for a new computer. I would love a Mac!!!

Kelli said...
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A-K said...

Oh noooo! Dang, yall have had some probs with that computer thats for sure! P.O.S! LOL! I want a Mac next too - I think its will be WAY worth the wait & splurge for it!

Sylvia said...

You will not regret getting a Mac. I had to convince my hubby and he was a little reluctant, but we will never go back to a PC.