Tuesday, September 21, 2010

On a Day Where Everything Could Go Wrong…

I’m quickly reminded by how much joy that I actually have. 

Today was wow.  That is all I can say.  Kayla had school pictures today for the year book and so she wanted to look her best.  The only problem is with looking her best, I have to help.  I had her take a shower last night so that hopefully everything would go smoothly faster this morning.  I had to wash her hair in the kitchen sink.  I had to do it because it needed to be done perfectly so that it would curl just right.  Then as she stood on a chair in her room, hanging upside down, I used the diffuser and got it all perfectly curled.  She looked great! 

I had to get to school earlier today so that I could see if there was a sub or not.  If nobody was going to sub, I was prepared to stay.  Luckily there was a sub. :-)

We had a fairly smooth day.  Of course the few that do act up, did.  There were four melt downs, two of them were from the same girl.  She is known to fall out  occasionally when she doesn’t get her way.   Nothing too major though.  Although one of the little boys spit in another classmates face.  I sent him with a note for his parents to sign and I also sent him to the other PreK class to go to time out. 

Then….this little girl makes my heart hurt.  She is one of the one that leaves everyday at 11.  Her mother is always late.  She was late today.  As we were standing there waiting 5 minutes past pick up time, she says to me “just call her”.  I thought about it and had decided that if I were in her shoes, I would have been scared to death wondering why on earth my momma had not picked me up yet.  After 5 more minutes we went back to the classroom and I tried calling her mother.  The cell number was disconnected and the work number she had listed, the people had no idea who she was.  I was actually scared for a moment.  What if there had been an emergency today?!  Luckily as I was fixing to take her to the office, her mother showed up.  {thank goodness}

Kelsie had a great day.  She was student of the week this week.  She got to share a few things with the class.  There was a paper that was sent home over the weekend that I helped her fill out.  It went as follows; Favorite Color: Blue, Favorite Tv Show: Sponge Bob, One thing she’s good at: Puzzles, One thing she doesn’t like: Magazines, {LOL, I have no idea where she got that!}, Favorite animal: Puppies and Favorite Food: Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich.  And she drew a picture of each thing.  She also took 3 things with her for show and tell.  She begged all weekend long for a baby picture, so she took that along with a Little Pet Shop {because she collects them}, and her Mickey Mouse Ears she got at Disney World in February.  She was so nervous about telling about herself.  But she said that she had fun!  :-)

Kayla had a Science test today.  I have made her study a couple of different times, but not as much as I think I should have.  I made her a vocab test so that she could practice.  She didn’t do so hot.  I am hoping that during the real test she did much better.  {crossing fingers} 

We are headed to Target tonight to get me some much needed medicine for my allergies as well as my spider bite.  At least that is what I’m assuming it is.  I googled and looked at some photos and it looks like a spider bite that others have had.  Not a black widow or anything poisonous.  Just kinda yucky looking.  And it itches FAR worse than any ant bite I’ve ever had, and they are normally the itchiest. I’m actually gonna give my Aunt and Uncle a call before heading to Target to see if I can swing by and one of them take a look at it.  Maybe I should actually see a dr about it.  They’ll know for sure.  I’m hoping it’s something that just goes away on it’s own without antibiotics. 

The joy that I mentioned in the first sentence….after this long day Kelsie comes running to me jumping up for a big hug after school.  It was wonderful! 

Here’s hoping to a wonderful Wednesday!


Kelli said...

Spider bite...I think I missed something. I hope you're feeling better. Um, the story about the little girl just breaks my heart...so sad. Your girls are really blessed to have you. Hugs do make a long day worth it :)

A-K said...

I sure hope that spider bite goes away soon! Gesh, maybe it wont need antibiotics and it will just take a few more days to heal. Sounds like you had a busy-busy day with the little ones! Also hoping that Kayla does well on her test!!!!!!!