Monday, September 20, 2010

Going Back to My Roots

I have been struggling over the last couple of months with topics and posts to write about.  I sit down all the time thinking about what to write and nothing seems to make sense, so I just delete the post and step away from the computer.  Maybe it’s a little bit of writer’s block?  Hmmm.  Probably not.  I have tons of things going on in my life right now that I could write about.  I have tons to say.  But it’s the fact that I took this blog over to the business side of things that have thrown me off my tracks.
I sit down to write about my day or the kids and then I hit delete because I think to myself “who really wants to read that".  But after much thought about it.  That is the reason why I created this blog.  To talk about just whatever, the kids, life, family, to complain about the ever growing mountains of laundry, etc. 
So that’s it.  Back to my blogging roots! 
I got to school this morning and the classroom was locked.  This isn’t anything new, sometimes I get there before Mrs. R unlocks the doors, however today it was later than normal.  The kids were arriving and standing around, sans parents, so I thought fast and put them on the play ground to play.  A Para walked by and noticed the back packs along the fence and ask me if the door was locked, I told her no, so she made a phone call for me.  {thankfully!}  I have a key to the playground and the gate to come and go, but not to the classroom.
So we got in the room and I found out later that Mrs. R wasn’t going to be at school because her father was in the hospital {prayers for him please}.  She wasn’t sure when she’d be back this week.  So today I was “ridin’ solo”.  There had not been a sub to pick up the day, which wasn’t that bad in the end.  I managed them on my own.  However, there were only 12 instead of 16 today.  We did the morning calendar, read a book and went outside to play, came back inside and they went to centers, then it was snack time, followed by another book, back outside to play and then 6 of them went home.  The other 6 went to the other PreK class so that I could leave.  I would have been more than happy to stay for the rest of the day, however I had some things that I had to take care of first.  I hope that tomorrow goes as smoothly.  I won’t know if there is a sub until I get there and find out.
On another note the kids got their progress reports today.  Kelsie did very well with a few N’s {needs progress}, however there were notes by everything that said she was doing an excellent job.  So I am confused by the N’s.  I’ll have to ask the teacher the next chance I get.
Kayla’s report was perfect as far as I’m concerned.  She had all A’s, high ones at that, 100, 100, 95, 95, 98, and then she got a 67 in Math.  However she has two math classes.  The 67 is in the regular math class and a 98 in intense math.  The regular math class is a little ahead of the intense math, about a chapter or so.  But we see her bringing this grade up by the time report cards come home.  Of course she has followed in my foot steps as far as math is concerned.  I struggled so much with it.  However, I will say that she is more eager to learn how to do it than I was.  She is trying her best and studying when I tell her too and keeping up with her home work.  She tried to argue with me last week when I told her to read her World History chapter twice and do the practice test to study for her chapter test the next day at school.  However, she was thrilled with her grade, she made a 99 and she was the only one in her class to make an A! 
Starting with report cards we are going to pay her for her grades.  This worked well with Zack and his siblings when they were in school. {or so his mom said}  So $10 per A, $5 per B’s, nothing for C’s, subtract $5 for D’s and subtract $10 for F’s.  So if this would have been her report card this term she would have gotten $45 as opposed to $50. 
I have a recipe that I have to share with y’all soon.  I made them up yesterday because I have been craving peanut butter and candy corn! :-) 


A-K said...

So glad you are getting back to your roots and posting! I was getting worried and have been going through withdrawals!!!! Glad you are still having fun teaching. I bet those little boogers are just too cute! Congrats to the girls on their grades. I think giving an incentive is a good idea to keep them motivated!!!

Darlene said...

I'm glad you were there to teach the little ones since there was no sub. That is kind of crazy to me! Lexi is struggling this year in Science. The teacher is giving killer tests! She had a C (the first one ever!!) on her progress report in Science. The highest B you could have in Reading/Writing and the rest A's. Hopefully with the normal work we can bring the C to at LEAST a B. I'm having her bring each paper home along with her book so I can check it ANYTIME they do anything. She always has till the next day to turn it in and that is what she will be doing.

I also originally started my blog for mainly my family and lately I have been mostly posting about Lexi. I figure if people don't want to read what I wrote that is fine. I definitely enjoy the friendships I have made in blogland but ultimately it is my blog for memories.♥

Kelli said...

What a way to work through without the teacher!! The girls seem to be doing well in school...give them a high five for me. Here's to getting back to your roots!

Rambling Girl said...

Yeah I have had writer's block for a while now...glad to see you get back to your roots....I love pics and reading about your everyday life...I feel I get to know the person better that way.

Oh yeah I want something yummy to fix so can't wait till you share this.