Monday, September 20, 2010

Gator Girls

We are huge Gator fans.  Gator Fans whether or not they win or lose.  We aren’t the type that jump on a band wagon.  Because a team is only as good as their players.  Once those players have graduated, the team usually takes a little while to get their footing back. We lost one of the best players in the SEC, Tim Tebow.  However, just because he left doesn’t mean that I will stop supporting the Gators. 

It’s funny to look around and see all the Bama shirts gracing our city here.  Nobody wore crimson and white around here until after they beat the Gators last year.  True fans support the team no matter what.  And we are true fans!

september 2010 002copy

september 2010 007 copy


Courtney K. said...

I understand completely. I was born and raised a Bama fan...spent Saturday's tailgating and watching the game,and I remember the coaches who have walked the sideline in the past 10 years. I don't like those who jump the bandwagon either. Back in 2004 when Auburn was doing so well, we had a TON of Bama fans jump to being Auburn fans, only to make the swich right back the next year. Like you said TRUE fans stick with their team no matter what. Bama has had some very long, very mediocre and very not good years. This phase of 'greatness' as people call it will pass too. Just like the Gator's Era did. I'll always love my Tide. :) Roll Tide Roll! See you guys October 2! ;) lol

Kelli said...

We are true Buckeyes, just like that. We love them win or lose. I get so excited this time of year. I hope you all have fun cheering on your team.