Thursday, August 12, 2010

way behind

Wow, I am running way behind.  I normally try and post a regular post daily to go with the my reviews and or giveaways but with this being back to school week and now I’m working, it’s just been crazy!

Kelsie had her first full day of Kindergarten today.  She had a FABULOUS day!  She can’t wait to go back Monday.  {staggered start, 1/2 went today and then will not go tomorrow and then the other half that didn’t go today will go tomorrow, then all will go Monday}

I was really worried about her but she can’t wait to go back and said that it’s way better than preschool was!

My day today was so much smoother.  It rained so the kids played in centers today.  They really enjoyed it.  Only one little girl had a melt down.  I am remembering names so  much easier.  Sometimes it takes me a minute and that’s ok!  We totaled 14 today, I’m not sure if more are coming or not.  We’ll see.

I’m not sure how Kayla’s day went because I haven’t picked her up yet.  I will be leaving in a bit.  It’s a mad house at the middle school so I hope today will go better.

Tomorrow’s Friday!  I’m gonna try to sit down this weekend and get some posts ready to go out.  I am still figuring out this schedule thing.  Tomorrow I have to get up 15 minutes earlier, so 6am, to be sure that I’m not rushing.  Whew…I am ready to hit the hay at 9 at night at 6:15, I wonder if 15 minutes will make a difference. Hmmm.  I wonder if I’ll be going to bed the same time the kids do?!

Hope everyone has enjoyed their Thursday!


Kelli said...

Oh sweetie you will get it all figured out. It really is a balance when you add work to the equations but all you need is a routine and you'll be in full swing. Glad your day went well and that Kelsie is excited!!!

A-K said...

Yep, you will get it all figured out soon and get on a schedule. I'm sure getting up at 6 will def make you want to go to bed earlier, no doubt! Nothing wrong with that though. I'm sure you have gotten lots of laughs already out of the kids.

Glad K-la and Kelsie have had a first few great days of schools. Thats a crazy way to start kindergarten staggering like that. But maybe it does ease the kids into it better? Either way, we just went full fledged when we were little and we weren't tramatized one bit :)