Friday, August 13, 2010

GreenSmart ~ Review

I recently got the chance to work with GreenSmart and boy did it come at the perfect time!  I will be subbing this year in the school system and well I’m not sure about you but I do not want to be forced to eat the same lunches that the kids are eating.  School lunch is just not my favorite!  {well ok, I admit the pizza is good} :-) 

Anyways.  GreenSmart sent me their Sifaka design lunch tote and I love it!  I chose the Eggplant color combo and it’s very stylish.  It includes two zippered areas, both large enough for me to put my lunch as well as an extra water bottle or two to drink throughout the day.  And I love the longer carry handles.  This makes it easy to throw over my shoulder and take along with me. 


All GreenSmart products are made with Neogreene.  Nope, I had never heard of it either..Here is what I got from their site….

Neogreene is a water-based material which allows for a much cleaner chemistry than neoprene. As a result, the production of the material uses 25% less petroleum, 25% less energy and completely eliminates the need to use toxin laden solvent adhesives to bind the fabrics to the Neogreene. Workers and the environment see numerous benefits in waste, air quality, and exposure to potential carcinogens.

So as you can see Neogreene is a very green material that is also healthy for us.

GreenSmart carries many other items besides lunch totes.  They also have laptop sleeves, bottle koozies and lot’s more.

I think y’all will love GreenSmart as much as I do!

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**we received the above mentioned items for review purposes only.  this is my honest opinion.  you may or may not agree.

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