Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Momma Raised Me Better

Wow.  That is about the only word besides “my momma raised me better” that I can think of. It’s sad to see that in the World we live in today that we can’t even trust/count on our own family.
I have been subbing for this PreK Para position since the first day of school.  The position finally posted on the school board website, it took them forever because they lost the initial posting. Anyways.  Yesterday afternoon on FB I noticed that my cousin {first cousin, not distant} posted a comment about the great interview she had at the school that I’m subbing at and how awesome the principal is there.  Well to call her out on it, I ask her what position she interviewed for. {as if I didn’t already know} She told me the PreK Para position and mentioned again how great the principal was.  So I was pissed.  NOT because they are interviewing, after all I think it’s like policy or something they have to interview several people, like a big corporation and what not.  Heck, I interviewed too, because I applied for it.  I was pissed because SHE applied for it.  Knowing full and well that I applied for it.  Heck, I even posted on FB a couple of different times about subbing in that position and what not. 
I wouldn’t think that one of my friends would go after the same position that I applied for, let alone my blood.  Especially after all that I have done for her.
I have done more for her and her daughter than I have anybody else.  I was happy to do it, after all she is family.  I took them in on two different occasions.  Once in the middle of the night. All because her husband kicked them out.  I watched her daughter for a whole week last school year so that she could go off her with her husband across country for a supposed job interview.  I still don’t believe that is what it was for.  I am thinking more along the lines of a romantic getaway.  She sprung it up on me the day before and offered to pay me.  I never saw a dime!!  Even though when she returned I told her about going through a tank of gas and what not because I had to drive not only my own kids to school twice a day but take her daughter as well.  And she went to school all the way across town!!  I would have never done that to anybody.  I would have felt guilty and given the money that I offered. 
When she was staying at my house on the couple of occasions, she would get on my phone, run the battery dead talking to her husband on my front porch and car port.  The neighbors even ask me one day after they left what all the yelling had been about!  Because she was arguing with him on the phone outside.  Not to mention she’d just pick up my lap top without asking and get online.  Even my own daughter doesn’t do that! 
So you see, I’ve done a lot for her, and then she applied for a position that I had wanted as well.  It’s just wrong!! 
We are the ones that need the money.  Her husband makes over $100,000 a year!! She told me so herself.  Not to mention the fact that she’s pregnant and due the beginning of April.  Even if I didn’t want the job, I would never apply for a position that was so permanent.  She won’t even finish out the school year, making them get a sub and hire for the position again.  It just makes no sense. 
Then she tells me that she applies for all the jobs posted on there.  Ok.  Good for her.  But that is one that she should have skipped over.  Then she tells me I am worried that somebody more qualified might get it.  Sorry, but no that isn’t why I’m mad. I’m pissed because my own cousin applied for the same job that I want!! Sure she has a 2 year degree, but that is why they offer the Para test to show that I’m just as qualified!!
It’s just absurd!  I wish her the best of luck to whatever it is she’s trying to do.  But when you start stabbing family in the back you have a problem.  But then again I guess I shouldn’t expect anything more, because she is from my daddy’s side of the family. And we all know how that panned out. 
Oh and with mentioning him.  Thank you for sending Kelsie a birthday card {and not writing anything ugly in it}.  She really enjoyed it.  She will get to pick something out today with her money.


A-K said...

Didn't I tell you that I came down and applied for the position you want as well? Because after all, I think its cool to try to come in and swipe something that you really wanted. Really, the only reason I applied is to try to out do you- because after all, that's what friends/family are for? Just like that trapper keeper you and I got in a fight over when we were little. I wanted it back because you had it.

LOL! But not really all that funny and obviously I am kidding. That really is pretty bad, and its obvious that she is doing it because you have interest in it.

Still- good luck to you girl! Now that you have some subbing experience, and are involved in the school activites I hope you get all that you deserve! :) hugs and love!

Kelli said...

That is crazy...I was wondering if it was the same cousin you've talked about before. Sigh. This makes me really want to be done with people because I just don't get them. I hope you snatch up that job and do it well!

Screaming Meme said...

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