Monday, August 30, 2010

Moon Dough Review

Recently I got the chance to review a new item called Mood Dough…It’s from the same company that makes Moon Sand.  We love it!

This stuff is the coolest feeling stuff around.  So light and soft and mess free!  I think this is the easiest stuff to clean up as far as any kind of molding dough out there.  Plus it will never dry out!!  Ahhh…finally.  I am so glad to find something that won’t dry out and that’s easy to clean up. 

Kelsie loves it!  We received the Moon Dough Barn.  It’s so much fun!  You put in a bail of hay {that you make with a mold} and then you turn the crank and out comes an animal!  So cute.  Kelsie loves setting everything up, creating a bunch of animals and hay, plus a fence and plays on the kitchen table. 

august 2010 004

If your looking for something that is easy clean up that is still a lot of fun, pick up some Moon Dough.  There are several play sets including; Moon Dough Diner, Moon Dough Puppy and Moon Dough Pizza Kit. 

Perfect for the upcoming holiday season!

**the above mentioned item was received for review purposes only.  this is my honest opinion and you may or may not agree.

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