Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kelsie’s Birthday Recap

It’s over due I know, but frankly I haven’t had any time to sit and write anything and when I did sit down at the computer I didn’t feel like pulling up photos and writing anything out.

We just did a small family thing because after Kayla’s party last year and none of her friends showing up, I’m done with parties.

Kelsie chose her party colors, pink, blue and purple.  So I hung up streamers and balloons like I always do.  However I didn’t take any pictures of that! 

I did get pictures of the cake though….This cake was made with the Wilton Butterfly pan.  It really turned out great. I was really scared considering I’ve never used a shaped pan before, but it didn’t stick or mess up.  I followed the directions to a T!  We iced it and Zack did the colored sugar on it.  Kelsie loved it!  I think it turned out pretty great as well.

august 2010 016

Kelsie received lot’s of fun stuff for her birthday.  WE love playing games and she got two of them, plus a Barbie and a Leap Frog Tag Reader and two books to go with it plus a lot of little goodies from the dollar section at Target and a pack of Disney Princess silly bandz.

She was really upset about getting older.  She pouted and even cried. :(  I was sad for her.  But she is Ok now about being 5.

august 2010 020

august 2010 012

august 2010 051

I got tons more photos but I posted them all on my Facebook.

**the wilton cake pan was provided for review purposes only.  the opinion about it is my own.  you may or may not agree.


Kelli said...

That is so funny that she was sad about getting older...such a little lady. That cake is absolutely it. It sounds like she had a great time and got a lot of nice things.

Beth in NC said...

Oh how funny! My daughter turns 5 on Tuesday and she can hardly wait! She is "all about" being a big girl!

The cake looks great!