Monday, August 30, 2010

miscellany monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

~ Sick

Kelsie and I are sick.  Maybe I’d be better if I hadn’t shared my lunch and drink with her on Saturday.  But at that time I wasn’t sure she was actually sick or if it was just allergies.  But she was sick.  So now I just don’t feel good at all.

~ Chicken n dumplings

We had them for dinner last night and it was perfect since Kelsie and I are sick.  We’re having them for dinner again tonight.  The recipe…it’s here.  However, I never put the veggies in and I always boil up my own chicken.  {seasoned with garlic and thyme}  And I swear it tastes just like home made.  A little tip, if you like yours thick cook it the day before and then reheat it when your ready to eat. 

~ Craziness

I am still not over the whole post that I wrote on Saturday.  And there were quiet a few laughs from it today.

~ Laundry

I haven’t worked since Kayla was in PreK and now that there is another child in the mix…wow, we have SO much laundry.  I don’t think I’ve ever washed so many clothes.  And I have to iron tonight…Unless I can get Zack to do it.  :-)

~ Zack

This is Zacks last week at his current job.  He interviewed last month at another government contracted company and got the job.  We are very thankful for this.  God has definitely taken care of our family!  We will be able to do some major things in our life thanks to his landing this position. 

~ Blogging

I think I forgot.  Oops.  I just don’t have the time to blog and when I do, well I just don’t want to write anything.  I start thinking of topics and start drafting something up, only to delete it right after.  I have put a lot of thought into it and I may take a much needed break. We’ll see. 

~ Emails

Wow, I have SO many to respond too.  I have gotten behind.  If I normally email you back when you comment or whatever I haven’t forgotten about you, I just haven’t been on the computer like I was before school started.

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Kelli said...

I got Caleb's cold and it was not fun at all. I was sick all last week! I hope you feel better soon and eat a ton of chicken & dumplings (YUM!). Yeah for Zack...that is wonderful news. How exciting. We are piled in laundry as well and I am overwhelmed. You will get a balance very soon. Hugs from you Ohio Friend!