Monday, August 16, 2010

miscellany monday


Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
  • I really have decided that this has got to be the best meme ever!  Just random thoughts through out my mind, and I can post them all in one conglomeration of a post. :-)
  • Kayla is still loving school.  Thursday she had her first homework from Reading. She was writing a biography poem.  It was very good.  It counts for 20% of their grade!  They did the draft, the final and then they will type them and present {read aloud} them to class. She made a 100!! 
  • Reading class?  Yea, and I like it!  Because Kayla loves to read and this is a whole class that they will read books, stories and poems and write them all as well.  Well they won’t write books. :-)
  • Thrilled about Kelsie loving school.  Let’s hope this week goes as smooth as last Thursday went.
  • I took several hours over the weekend to write out most of my review posts, some recipes and other things that will post automatically for me.  This is a huge time saver since I’m working.
  • Who would have thought my legs could hurt SO bad.  I am getting an awesome workout every day while at work.  3 1/2 hours on my feet is like, WOW!
  • Facebook.  I am getting really upset at people who write things on Facebook just to appear cool.  Um, didn’t we graduate high school already?  And I’m not referring to people who really do cool things.  I’m referring to people who fake their cool stuff.
  • I really feel bad for not commenting on blogs like I had been.  I am just SO busy!  My schedule is still in progress.  I’ve played with 6:15 wake up but it wasn’t working, I was in a made rush, I don’t like feeling rushed.  So this week, I am going to 6am.
  • Kayla will be riding the bus to school this week.  There is just no way that we can manage to get Kayla to school.  Kelsie and I both have to be at the school at 7:45 and Zack has to be at work at 7:30.  And Kayla has to be at school at 8:25.  So it’s just not gonna happen.  I will continue picking her up though.
  • Picking up…Wow, Kayla is really growing up.  The school is a mad house trying to pick up students so I park across the street.  She goes to the crossing guard and crosses over to me.  Wow, she’s growing up! 
  • On Friday, Zack’s brother and his wife had their first baby, Jaxon.  He is just adorable.  Please say a prayer for him if you will, he has either a broken or fractured collar bone.

august 2010 024 copy

  • Kelsie will be 5 on Sunday.  With school and such I haven’t even thought about a party or anything.  So I’m gonna sit down tonight and plan something up for Sunday afternoon.  My baby is growing up!!


Kelli @ RTSM said...

Life has been really busy around here too...and I feel so bad about not keeping up with everyone's blogs too! I love what you said about facebook, and I totally agree! Sometimes I wonder if people really think anyone believes what they post! I once had a friend brag about how her 8 month old knew all his colors LOL! All I could do was laugh:)

Kelli said...

It IS a great meme isn't it...I love it. I love that Kayla has an entire class on reading. Jamison loves to read to so this would be right up her alley. Scheduled posts are the best...I usually schedule my craft ones and my WW. Facebook...raspberry! I can't believe my Kelsie is going to be her (and my Kayla!). That baby is so sweet...I will pray for his collar bone.

A-K said...

You have had a lot going on and a lot to adjust to this week! I can't believe how much the girls are growing up. So glad Kayla is loving middle school! Such a transition period in all teenagers life. And of course Kelsie is a big girl now! Running around after those toddlers is a workout LOL! I hope you love it! It sounds like you do.

As for facebook, it can so be a place of fake 'show' and I don't like it either. But I do love reading what everyone else is doing...even if I know its fake LOL!

Speaking of how everyone's doing...I kinda want to come for a beach trip in the next few weeks????! What do you think?

A-K said...

Oh, and Kelsie's b'day...we all know that inviting tons of folks and preparing all kinds of nonsense doesn't always work out. As long as she has her special day, I know she will love it! :-) Can you take her to a water park? Or swim and grill out? Let her blow bubbles and draw with sidewalk chalk until her heart is content? Man, life was the bomb at 5 :)