Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gaea - Review

We are huge fans of olive oil.  After all it’s heart smart and a good fat.  But for some reason when we think of olive oil, we think of Italian food.  In reality Greece is the top producer of black olives and has a larger variety than any other country!  I know I didn’t realize that either. {and if you knew this all, just humor me, because I did not!}

imageWe recently got the opportunity to try Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Olive Snack Packs from Gaea

We enjoyed the olive oil as well as the olive snack packs.  The extra virgin olive  oil was just as extra virgin olive oil should be, aromatic and flavorful.  And the olive snack packs are perfect for throwing in your bag for a quick and healthy treat. One that you won’t feel guilty aboutimage eating!

Gaea not only produces extra virgin olive oil and snack packs, they also produce tapenades, cooking sauces, and olives.  You will be sure to get the full Greek Mediterranean experience with Gaea.

If your an olive lover your in luck!  Gaea olives are hand picked and come in 9 flavorful varieties including; Garlic Stuffed, Pimento Stuffed, Kalamata and lot’s more. 

You’ll have to check out Gaea to see all the flavorful products that they offer.  I only have listed a handful of items.  You won’t be disappointed with Gaea!

**we received the above mentioned items for review purposes only.  this is our honest opinion and you may or may not agree.