Monday, August 16, 2010

RelaxZen ~ Review

I don’t know about y’all but I have a major problem when it comes to bed time.  I am so high strung most of the time that I can’t relax and get to sleep.  I can lay in the bed for hours tossing and turning.  It’s very frustrating to say the least.  Because the next day I basically crash after lunch because I’m so exhausted.

On the nights that I know I’ll need to be up the next morning I turn to my old faithful Benadryl to put me to sleep.  Don’t get me wrong, Benadryl works for me as far as sleep in concerned.  I am out like a light in about 45 minutes and rest the best sleep ever, not waking up at all. 

But the next day I’m still in that haze and can barely function properly because the Benadryl is still in my system. 

So where is all this going?  Well recently I was contacted and ask if I wanted to review RelaxZen.  At first I was thinking since it’s a small drink shot that I would not like the flavor {I’m super picky} and I wouldn’t be able to give it a proper review.  Then I thought well, why not. 

I received RelaxZen Night, RelaxZen Day, and RelaxZen Sport. They are all very tasty and seemed to do exactly what the label said that it would do.image

RelaxZen Night really helped me relax and put my busy mind at ease.  I was able to fall asleep so much easier after drinking it.

RelaxZen Day helped me maintain my focus and concentrate when needed.  Being a blogger I have so much to focus on and sometimes its hard to do, but RelaxZen Day really helped out.

I have not tried RelaxZen Sport yet, but Zack has.  He drank it before he went out to cut the grass and do some yard work.  He didn’t really need to focus on  anything much but since we aren’t athletes this was the closest thing we could sample this with.  He did get finished a lot quicker though.  So I’m guessing that this was because he was distracted and that he had improved performance thanks to RelaxZen Sport.

All RelaxZen products are made from various vitamins and herbal extracts.  You’ll feel good about drinking RelaxZen and you’ll have a better day or night as well.

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**the above products were received for review purposes only.  this is our honest opinion and you may or may not agree.