Tuesday, August 17, 2010

let’s go back…way back!

I was organizing my computer the other day, making new folders and straitening up a little.  Ya know, sometimes it just gets messy!  Well anyways, I was in my pictures labeling things the correct way and ran across a whole slew of scanned photos {not even close to how many I have} and thought that I’d share them with ya’ll.  Oh and when I say let’s go back…way back, I’m not referring to my childhood either. :-)

This is my mother when she was a little girl on Easter.  I want to guess she was about 5 years old in this picture. 

Trella Snow (5)

And this is my great grandmother, whom I was named after and she’s holding….my mother!!

Trella Snow and Joanna Hallman

This is {from left to right} James Alfred {my second cousin Glady’s son}, Eula, {my great grandmother}, Mammie {my grandmother, Eulas daughter}, the baby is my mother, Mamaw Hallman {the great grandmother I was named after}, Gladys {my great aunt, Mammies sister} and Kale {Glady’s husband}

Left to Right James Alfred Alexander, Eula Boyd Sumner, Geraldine Snow, Trella Snow, Joanna Hallman, Gladys Sumner Alexander, Kale Alexander

This is my Mammie and Granddaddy {my mothers parents}

Geraldine and Tom Snow

And last but not least, this is Mammie in Mammaw Hallmans house. {the one that I grew up in and lived in before we moved to FL}

Geraldine Snow

And that was our trip….way back!  I have got to sit down one weekend and scan the rest of those pictures in.  There are tons that take me back.  I love looking at old photos of my family! 


Kelli said...

I love old pictures. This makes me want to scan the ones that I have. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Tracy Bentley said...

thank you for sharing. I have been researching our family history and love old pictures. I received one yesterday of my husband's great-great grandfather and family. We were so proud to get it and I was so excited to put a name and a face together.

A-K said...

Those are so precious! Love going way back like that too!