Tuesday, July 13, 2010

We Wasted our Money at Taco Bell

I am not one to complain that often about food….But…
  We don’t eat out but on special occasions unless you want to count the one or two times per month that we eat fast food.  It’s just not in our budget.  We budget for groceries, not eating out. 
It’s not like we eat out “enough” to have the occasional bad experience.  However, we have decided that our Taco Bell location is always a imagebad experience.  We eat at Taco Bell on 23rd St. in PC about once every 3 months. So that’s what, like 4 times a year? And every one of those times is a bad experience, a complete and utter waste of our money. 
Now mind you, we never eat in the restaurant, we always order inside and bring it home.  After all we live close enough to do so.  But this also leaves us not wanting to go back to the restaurant to fix what was messed up.  Do I call them?  No.  Why?  Because like I mentioned above, “I am not one to complain that often about food”. 
A bad experience in fast food restaurants is usually one of two things. Either you didn’t get what you ordered or they added something you didn’t order, so a mess up.  Or what you did order is just a complete and utter disaster.
We have had both of these experiences at this Taco Bell location. Sometimes y’all we have had both problems at the same time!
Zack has gotten to where he will always check the bag when he gets back to the car to insure that everything is there.  Our latest trip, we had everything we ordered.  So what happened?
We ordered Kelsie the mini quesadilla.  The verdict -  There was little to no cheese {ya’ll this was only supposed to have cheese!} and it was “burnt”.  As described by Kelsie.  We tasted and agreed.  So needless to say she only ate her order of nachos.
Kayla ordered the 5 layer burrito.  The verdict – It was made perfect.  No complaints.
Zack ordered the 7 layer burrito.  The verdict – There was more on the 5 layer burrito than this one.  And it was $2.00 as compared to $.99!  There was probably a smear of beans, a few strands of lettuce, about 4 tomato bits, a tad of guacamole and more sour cream than one would want in one bite.  {the rice and cheese were the same as the 5 layer}
I ordered 2 crunch tacos {my normal}.  The verdict – It was kind of like the Wendy’s commercial “where’s the beef?”.  Because when I spread it out there wasn’t enough to even cover the bottom of the taco shell.
So as you can tell we didn’t have a good experience.  I thought about calling the store…But besides them offering us the same thing, there is no point.  We didn’t want the same meal.  Sure it sounded good to start with {that’s why we chose to get Taco Bell} and then we opened what we had and no longer thought that it sounded nor looked appetizing.
So, as far as I am concerned, we are through.  We will no longer make any trips to our Taco Bell location.  From now on if we really want Taco Bell that bad, we will drive across town to the Lynn Haven location or even cross the bridge to go to the one on the beach. 
And I advise you all to do the same if your in the Panama City area and want Taco Bell.  Search for another location!

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Kelli said...

Oh no...how hard is it to make Taco Bell right? I wouldn't go back their either. I do get a craving for TB every now and then and I want it made right. Grr!