Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Blog to Blog about…

The other day I was on Twitter, updating and following those that were following me that I was interested in {you can click over to the right over there if you wanna follow me} and ran across quiet a few funnies about Catalog Living. 

So curious, I hopped over…Here I was thinking that I was hopping over to a new website offering the latest catalog dreams at a discounted price or something, when in reality it was the funniest thing I had seen/read in a long time.  If your wanting to get a good laugh in you need to see what Gary and Elaine are doing!!

And just to do a little bit myself…{because it is too much fun}


Rebecca ask Mike to clean the patio before her friend came over to talk about their latest book club read. He forgot to clean so instead just set out lemons with the candles.  What better way to get the lemon fresh scent without actually cleaning.

Ok, so mine wasn’t as funny.  But I got a giggle out of it!  Now head over to Catalog Living!

photo source pottery barn

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Anonymous said...

I thought you must have seen where I sent this link to Mary Lynn on FB a few days ago,but I see it was Twitter instead.I think Gary and Elaine are hilarious ha ha