Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Color Me House - Review

Every time we receive a big card board box in the mail my kids are the first to say, “I want that”, not even referring to what’s inside but they want the card board box.  Whether it’s to color for their latest art projects or they want to use it as their latest Barbie mansion, the box is usually the first thing to be used.
But now there is a new card board box in town.  One that my kids didn’t actually want the packaging but the card board that was inside.  It was a rocket ship!  Yes, I know your kids have imaginations too, but no, this was really a rocket ship.  And do you think when this box arrived that my kids believed me? HA!
july 2010 011
They did not.  They had to wait and see as daddy pulled it from the box and started putting it together.  Then they knew that it was a rocket ship!
july 2010 012
So now your curious about this rocket ship aren’t you?!  Ok, well recently I was contacted by Color Me House and was ask if I’d like to review their rocket ship.  After looking at their site and seeing what this “rocket ship” was, I knew that my kids would love this!!  And they have.
As soon as it was put together, which is so easy, they were inside pretending to blast off into outer space.
july 2010 013
But that’s not the best part about the rocket…The best part is it’s a blank canvas, ready for your children’s creativity to shine through, to make this a complete experience. 
july 2010 010 july 2010 011
july 2010 016july 2010 017
The girls as their alien friends they met while in space!  We got this idea from the Color Me House Facebook Page.  Which let me add that there are some very creative ideas here for the Color Me Houses and the Color Me Rockets. 
For the top, Kayla had the idea of doing a night sky, complete with stars and a moon.  We also created the Solar System.
 july 2010 013
{yes, we included Pluto}
july 2010 014
All in all, we love the Color Me Rocket!  The kids play inside everyday, whether they’re pretending to be in space or if their Barbies are headed on a mission to Mars. 
Zack and I have both agreed that this would have been a ton of fun if we would have had this when we were kids.
There have been several people at our house since we’ve had the Color Me Rocket and each one has commented that this is the coolest thing they’ve seen.
If your kids aren’t into space or rockets, that’s ok too, Color Me House does have a really cute house that can be transformed into whatever your child desires.
You can purchase your Color Me House or Rocket here.  And a little incentive, you can get 25% off during the month of July, just use code 1funhouse when checking out.
**we received the above mention product for review purposes only.  this is our opinion and you may or may not agree.


Kelli said...

I wanna play too! I noticed Pluto and giggled. That looks like it would be a ton of fun.

Sheena @ Sophistishe said...

Put ours to shame! Job well done coloring!