Thursday, July 1, 2010

We Have Crunchy Undies

Well not quiet.  :-)  We bought a clothes line this past weekend and my heart is SUPER happy {as Kelsie would say}.  Not only will we be saving on our power bill, which is redunkulous, but we will also be helping our planet AND bringing back all those memories from my childhood.
june 2010 005
And the title of this post…nah we aren’t hanging our undies out to dry, only because we live in a neighborhood and I don’t want them to see our netherclothes. ;-)  However I thought that this title would be quiet hilarious. :-)  I like to make myself laugh from time to time.
I just throw everything in the dryer that I don’t want crunchy…like um everything.  However, it only takes 15 minutes on low heat to take out the crunchy. Which 15 minutes for two loads of laundry is NO time compared to the at least forever per load on high heat!
So get your crunchy on with us! Or not, whatever floats your boat.


Beth in NC said...

I bet it did bring back childhood memories having a clothesline. Come to think of it -- I never see one anymore.

We had one when we married, but my hubby put it too far away from the house. I rarely used it. I wouldn't mind having one again.


Kelli said...

Clothes hanging on the line reminds me of my of my favorite people. I love the idea of hanging my sheets out to dry!

rockerbabe79 said...

we cannot have one outside where we live so I have one inside my house its so easy we have been cutting back on drying everything ourselves and just putting it in to get wrinkles or un-crunchy our clothes. hoping i can have one outside again one day and have a back up one inside just in case :).