Thursday, July 1, 2010

The New Eucerin Body Lotion

I don’t know if your like me or not, but I’m not a lotion loving person.  I mean sure I like my skin smooth and baby soft, but I don’t like the greasy feeling that it leaves behind.  However, I have to use it because I don’t want to be all dry and flakey!  Well, who really does, right?!  So when I choose body lotions, I choose carefully.  I am not a fan of highly fragranced lotions and even the non scented versions seem to put off a bit of an unpleasant scent.  So I’m picky with my lotions, who isn’t picky on something?

Anyways.  I was recently contacted to try out the new Eucerin body lotion.  Now, I am familar with Eucerin because in the Winter months the only lotion that graces my hands is Eucerin Plus Smoothing Essentials.  So, I know that the Eucerin brand is one of my favorites.  And getting to try out a new lotion of theirs was great! 

Eucerin Daily Skin BalanceThe new lotion that I got to try was Eucerin Daily Skin Balance Skin-Fortifying Body Lotion.  And my impression…I love it!  It’s lightly fragranced and the scent  is just perfect.  Fresh and clean, not overbearing and my favorite part…I don’t have that greasy feeling that most every lotion I’ve used leaves behind.

All to often we let our skin go..We may use lotion from time to time but for all the wrong reasons. Our skin is a huge part of our body, right?  I mean it is from head to we should start treating it like it’s important and take care of the health of our skin.

You can read all about how to stay protected at Skin FIRST. You might be surprised to find out that our skin acts as an anti-microbial barrier and helps prevent the invasion of fungi, viruses, and bacteria.  You can read a lot more at Skin FIRST and even take the take the Skin FIRST Pledge.

For more information about the Eucerin brand you can follow them on Twitter as well as join their Facebook page.

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