Monday, July 12, 2010

Miscellany Monday

I saw this on one of the blogs that I read and since I had never seen it before I decided to head over and join in and link up. {click on the button to check them all out}

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
  • Zack and I had a great date for the first time since Christmas on Saturday.  We went to see Eclipse.  I’m sure that he really enjoyed me sitting their drooling all over shirtless Jacob! :-) Thinking how that tent seemed like the place to be at the moment.  {ok, so I didn’t drool over him, and I didn’t think that of the tent scene until later} HA!
  • I have done pretty well not being online so much and truth be told, I have found all my favorite reruns again…Friends, King of Queens and Everybody Loves Raymond.  Yea, I’d much rather watch comedy than sit and stare at the computer screen.
  • We spent the entire day in the pool yesterday and we just know that Kelsie is going to be a future gold medalist.  She is the only 4 year old that we know that has ever taken to the water like she has. {commence bragging} She is no longer in her water wings if an adult is in the pool.  She can swim from one side of the pool to the other, under water.  And her newest favorite thing to do, front flips, back flips {even Kayla struggles with the back ones sometimes} and her biggest brag, she does hand stands in the water!  She swims down and stands up, feet not even close to sticking out the top of the water and then pushes herself back up.  {bragging over} HEHE!
  • All of Kelsie’s school supply shopping is done.  I am saddened about her going to school full time this year.  I’m gonna miss her, that is for sure.  I hope that they need a lot of subbing over there at that school!
  • Say a prayer, if your the praying type…Zack is going for an informal interview today at another company.  It’s not that we don’t like where he’s at.  The benefits are great and the pay isn’t that bad…but we’re always looking for better to get ahead. {hey, aren’t we all?!}
  • Oh and last but not least…Benadryl brings on some of the strangest dreams ever.  I dreamt half the night that I was running around with some characters from movies and we were avoiding trains by hiding in holes and tunnels and throwing nails on the tracks.  {really weird}

Hope everyone has a great week!!


Rambling Girl said...

Still haven't gone to see Eclipse but I got to hurry before I see it on DVD.

Glad you all had a nice weekend...we stayed in the pool also a good bit.

have a good week!

Darlene said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. I know what you mean about Benadryl dreams....well, really any medicine (for me).

Hope you are having a great Monday.♥

Kelli said...

Look at Kelsie...pool champ and off to school. Mmmm, the tent scene!!! I will pray for Zach, it's nice to keep your options open. LOVE Friends and I could watch it anytime.

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

thanks for joining in!!! you lil gal definitely has a bright future ahead in the swimming dept!