Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Belly 9 - Review

Times and trends change.  When I was pregnant with Kayla 11 years ago {wow, that is SO long ago} you wore shirts that were more like tents, you hid your belly.  Was pregnancy shameful?  I don’t know, but with the way trends have changed, I’m not so sure that we embraced the look that pregnancy brings.   Then 5 years ago when I was pregnant with Kelsie {aww, my baby is growing up!} shirts were starting to change, they were a little more fitting, at least enough to make you look pregnant.  I wore shirts that tied behind the back to help show off my growing baby bump.

Fast forward to today’s trends.  Now when we see pregnant women we see them wearing bikinis on the beaches and by the pools and when we see them wearing shirts, they are form fitting to show off the baby bump from day one. We embrace the look of pregnancy now where just years ago, we hid away.


imageI can honestly say that I can’t wait to be pregnant again so that I can start wearing all these cute things!  I got the chance to review a maternity shirt from a company called Belly 9.  They have some of the cutest things around.  The  shirt that I received was the Bellylicious ribbed tank.  Not only is it super soft and comfy but it’s going to take you from the day you find out your pregnant up until the day you deliver.  It grows with you!  image

Belly 9 has maternity shirts for imageeverybody from the ones that Love Epidurals to those that  are going Au Naturale.

Belly 9 even carries some really cute baby clothes and post maternity as well.

So Belly 9 has you covered from early pregnancy until after delivery.  I think you should definitely check them out.  I know that when I get pregnant again I can’t wait to shop there!

{photos are from Belly 9}

**we received the above mentioned for review purposes only.  this is my own opinion you may or may not agree.

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Beth in NC said...

Those are some cute shirts. I hope to one day be thin enough that I can wear more fitted clothes -- pregnant or not. Ha.