Monday, July 12, 2010

Jolly Llama Fruit Sorbet Squeezups Review

With Summer in full swing here in the South {well practically everywhere} we spend almost every day outside by the pool.  While we are out soaking up the sun and splashing in the water, it’s important to my kids to have snacks!  And of course their choice of snacks on hot days when we’re out doors, it has to be something cold.

However, I really get tired of passing out the popsicles because after all they are just flavored sugar water that has been frozen.  So every once in a while I'd like to throw in something a little more healthy or at least a little more filling…and ice cream won’t last outside, not to mention the mess an ice cream cone makes in 98 degree temps. image

Recently I got the chance to work with a company called Jolly Llama and try out a couple different flavors of their fruit sorbet squeezups.  Now I know what your thinking…fruit sorbet is healthier but just as messy as ice cream so what’s the difference?  Well, Jolly Llama has their fruit sorbets packaged in something other than the traditional cups.  They’re really like push ups, only not messy like push ups, because I remember those when the ice cream would melt down and come dribbling down the stick, making for a mess!  These are just so much better…I can’t explain it…I’ll just show y’all!

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See, I told y’all…so much better.  So no messes and far more healthier {made with real fruit} than popsicles!  We received the Mango and the Raspberry flavors…Both are really good.  I’m not even fond of Mango and I liked this.

I defintily think if your looking for something a little more satisfying and healthier than your traditional ice cream and popsicles to check out the Jolly Llama’s Fruit Sorbet Squeezups!

Check it out and see where Jolly Llama Fruit Sorbet Squeezups are sold.

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Rambling Girl said...

Those sound like they would be good. I have never seen them in the stores around here. I know we also go through lots of snacks when out in the pool.