Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sometimes I’m a Little Worried, Because Life is Short

Do your kids ever talk about things that make you wonder sometimes?  Or do they talk about things that make you worry about what they’re saying or about them?

Well, it’s really hard.  Sometimes I wonder if Kelsie really knows something that we don’t.

We aren’t church goers, but I am a Christian.  I have wrote about how I grew up in church, every time the door was open.  I wanted the same for my kids, but it just never happened.  We tried to attend church, and had a great time, until the Sunday School teacher {he was a male} made it weird for me.  And once you’ve been attending Sunday School regularly, it’s hard to just drop it and start going just to the service.  So we quit.  As much as we’d like to find another church to attend, we don’t look.  Our reason, although it may not be a good one, church is more about whose who.  Much like school, it’s a popularity contest.  And your either one of the ones that is popular or not.  When we were in Sunday School there was one couple that wasn’t very nice and warm and welcoming,they were like the cheerleader and quarterback, the big wigs.  Everybody liked them, but I never understood why, they weren’t very friendly.  Anyways.  That’s not what I’m wanting to get into, that is a whole other post. 

Back to the things that Kelsie says.

Not long ago {I’m thinking last year} Kelsie started talking about God and Heaven.  She wanted to know all about Heaven and when she would go.  After finding out all about it, she wanted to go to Heaven…not later but now.  This scared me.  As we grow up and start living life, we don’t want to die and leave our loved ones on Earth. {or at least I know that I kinda like staying around}  We aren’t ready yet.  You know we still want to live.  However, even after explaining to her that we wouldn’t see her anymore {at least for a long time}, that she would be there with granny {my mother}, and Mammie {my grandmother}, she still wanted to go and be with God.

You see all I could think about is she knows that her life isn’t going to be a long one and is ready to “ go home”.  She’s preparing us so that when something does happen to her we can say “well, she’s where she wanted to be”.  It breaks my heart. 

I also keep thinking about the little Christian girl that got killed in the Columbine High school shooting. Her parents said that she just knew that she wasn’t going to live a long life.  I can’t remember if they went into details about what she said or not, but they did say that she just knew.

Is Kelsie talking about it our sign?

On Friday night Zack and the girls were watching Tornado Road on The Weather Channel, while I was online.  She was sitting between Zack and I and started talking about Heaven with me.  She again said she wanted to be with God in Heaven.  And I said that we’d miss her and she said but she loves God.  As much as I love my child expressing her love for God and Heaven, I am saddened at the same time, not knowing what to think. 

She mentioned something about Hell and ask what it was, and I explained to her so that she would know.  She said she wouldn’t go there.  {that’s good to know}  There aren’t any of us that want to be there.

Anyways.  Life is short and I hope and pray that what she says isn’t something to worry about.  In the mean time since we aren’t attending church, I’m going to do what I’m supposed to do and read her {and Kayla} Bible stories and teach her all that I can.  I know that she has a strong love for God, but I know that I can make it stronger. 

Would you be worried?


Anonymous said...

Well you know I get all paranoid about stuff like that as well,but try not to worry about it.
God knows what will or won't happen and no matter what,it's always going to be ok.I will leave you by praying for you.

Lord,in Jesus name,I ask that you take away the fear and worries from Joanna.Those feelings are NOT from You.Give her peace in her heart to KNOW that You are in control of everything and that no matter what happens in life,that You are always here and You work everything out.Please cover their whole family with the blood of Jesus for their complete safety.I confess in Jesus name that nothing bad will happen to anyone in their family.Thank You Lord,that these things are done.In Jesus name,Amen

Kay said...

No worries. It's natural for any Christian to want to go home to the Lord. As for the couple in your church...ignore folks like that. We ALL need to be back in church regardless of the hypocrasy of humanity. It will be anywhere that humans are....which is in each church I've ever attended. I'm hypocritical myself so I'm trying to learn to just look beyond humans and concentrate on God's perfection. Kelsie has the right ideas. The girls need reinforcement. We all need to live better lives as a testimony to our kids. I know I do. If I knew for sure that all my loved ones had a ticket into Heaven no matter what...and there was nothing left for me to do for them or be for them...I'd want to go home at any moment. Perfection. But, I need to be better in the here and now, I need more time. But of course, that's me talking...It's up to Him. Trust Him...Trust Him with everything and everyone.