Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Eucerin Everyday Protection Loition15 & 30 Face and Body - Review

Several weeks ago I got to tell y’all about the new Eucerin lotion, Eucerin Skin Balance Skin-Fortifying Body Lotion.  You can read my review here.  

After I posted the review I was ask if I wanted to review Eucerin Everyday Protection Body Lotion SPF 15 and Eucerin Everyday Protection Face Lotion SPF 30.  Of course I said yes!

It’s so important to protect our skin from the sun’s harmful rays and since we all image know that moisturizing our skin is important, why not use one lotion that does both?  That is what we’ve been doing with the Eucerin Everyday Protection Body Lotion SPF 15.  It’s the perfect lotion for everyday use.  So any skin that is exposed to the sun  {arms and legs} have this lotion on them.  It is lightly scented like sun screen but the smell isn’t over bearing.  And it’s not so scented that it will clash with your perfumes and body sprays.  I’ve been using mine right along with this lotion and all I can smell is my perfume.

One thing is for sure, every morning after brushing my teeth I use a moisturizer.  It’s just because I like fighting the signs of aging and so on.  My grandmother used lotion on her faceimage every single day for as long as I can remember and she never looked her age.  She always looked years younger.  So I thought I’d take a note from her and start using it.  However, my complaint is that there wasn’t an SPF in my daily moisturizer.  This is why I’m glad to start using the Eucerin Everyday Protection Face Lotion SPF 30.  I know that I’m protected from the effects and that sun causes and I am helping those signs of aging. Plus this is light enough you can use it under or even over your makeup.  I apply mine below, but that’s just me.  You can use it however. 

If your looking for an everyday lotion, I highly recommend the above two lotions by Eucerin.  After all if your just wanting to keep your skin smooth and soft, why not buy something with the SPF in it as well so you can not only feel soft and smooth but you can be safe from the sun!

To learn more about Eucerin you can visit and take the Skin FIRST Pledge.  

What’s the Skin FIRST Pledge?

You are pledging to put your skin first.  By taking care of your skin and treating it more like a healthcare than just skin care.  Think about it, we get up and brush out teeth….Well we should get up and moisturize our skin and protect it from the sun! 

For every pledge submitted Eucerin will make a donation to Healthy Women. Org.   Also if you on Facebook don’t forget to “Like” Eucerin for the latest information.

**we received the above mention product for review purposes only.  this is our opinion and you may or may not agree.

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