Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I’m Ready

Over the weekend I watched Christmas in July on QVC.  It was great, however some of the shows I thought could have been left out.  A whole show dedicated to candles is not my idea of Christmas.  It’s my idea of a romantic evening or one where you make your house smell good, but not Christmas.  I guess others only light candles during the holidays.  Those folks are missing out on the glow and ambiance that they could be having year round. 

Anyways.  On shows that weren’t all that, I left it on as background noise and read.  Yea, I’m reading like a maniac.  I’ll agree with something that my niece Amanda said..it’s easier to get lost in a book then flip through tv channels.  And it’s true.

Where was I?  Oh.  So while watching Christmas in July and drinking hot cocoa, I was thinking about how ready I am for fall.

Pumpkin patches, hot cocoa, warm cider, long sleeves and cool breezes.  Gator football and leaves falling.  I really can’t wait until this fall.  I have never been a huge fall fan, winter is my favorite season but the older I get the more I enjoy fall. 

Not to mention the relief from this heat wave will be very nice!


Kelli said...

Oh how I love Fall...all of those things you said. It is the best time of year. I love summer and going to the pool but something about Fall makes me warm and fuzzy all over.

Darlene said...

Fall is truly my favorite season! I love everything about it from the crisp cool days to the smells of pumpkin, cider, and cinnamon. I'm READY for it!♥

Rona's Home Page said...

I was watching the same show over the weekend. I agree there were some segments that didn't appeal to me..like the toy store segment.

A-K said...

Ohhh yes, fall is my FAV season...but Christmas time is my fav time of year :) We need a break from this heat. My Gawd. Its awful. Can't wait for bowls of chili, cider, hot coacoa, football on the tv, long sleeve t's, and light jackes, bon fires....ahhhhhhh...love it!