Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bodycology - Review

You know that really expensive bath and body store at your local mall?  Ok.  We agree that we like that store, right?  I mean great bath and body products that smell wonderful and make your skin soft, etc?  But I think we can also agree that the price is a little much.  I mean after all we are only buying the brand. 

If your still with me then I have a brand to tell you about that you can purchase from your local mass retailers and does exactly what that other brand does {or at least what I think it does} for a fraction of the cost.

The brand is Bodycology.  Bodycology was created for us women in mind, using only the highest quality ingredients and using scents that we love.

I got the chance to try out a few of Bodycology’s products and I love them.  I can tell you that I won’t be shopping at the mall store any longer for my bath and body needs.  Because I can get exactly what I need from Bodycology.

image I received the Rich and Creamy Body Wash in Skin Softening and Shower Gel and Foaming Bath in Coconut Lime.image

Both of these products left my skin feeling soft and smooth, with a hint of scent left behind.  I like smelling like my bath products but don’t like that “knock you down smell”.  This was the perfect hint.  And the lather of both was perfect.  I also loved using the Foaming Bath in my bubble bath.  It bubbled perfectly.  Even Kelsie agreed! 

So Coconut Lime isn’t your fragrance?  That’s ok because Bodycology has a lot to choose from like Brown Sugar Vanilla, Sweet Petals, Cucumber Melon and lot’s more.  See, I told you you’d like them too! image

I also received Midnight Garden Body Cream and White Gardenia Hand & Body Lotion.  Now I have to admit that I wasn’t able to use imagethe White Gardenia Hand & Body Lotion, because I am allergic to Gardenias, so Zack was nice enough to let me know how it felt. {thanks Zack!}

The body cream was creamy and luxurious! It left my skin soft and smelling lovely.  This is a thicker than lotion however it’s not heavy like you’d think.  Once it’s rubbed in your not left with that sticky residue that other creams leave behind.

The hand and body lotion..Zack said that it didn’t leave behind that sticky feeling and that it smelled nice, not over powerful.   He said he wouldn’t mind holding hands with somebody wearing it.  Other lotions tend to leave behind a film that this one apparently doesn’t leave behind.

Overall, we really enjoyed the Bodycology products.  And I know what brand products I’ll be purchasing from now on. 

They also carry foaming anti bacterial hand soap, body mists and lot more.

To get the latest you can follow Bodycology on Twitter and Facebook.

**we received the above mentioned products for review purposes only.  this is our honest opinion and you may or may not agree.


Kelli said...

I love that Zack helped! I also like the sound of it not leaving a residue because I find that so much with creams. Good review!

Kay said...

That's so funny Zack! Gotta keep those man-hands soft and sweet smelling! LOL...seriously, if I find out where to buy this product, I would def give it a try.

Joanna said...

You can purchase Bodycology at Walmart! :-)