Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Alphabet Photography - Review

There comes along an item that I review every once in a while that leaves me speechless.  Sometimes it’s a great thing sometimes it’s not so great.  But for this one company that I want to tell y’all about, it’s a great thing.

The company I am referring to is Alphabet Photography.  They have accomplished something that I have tried to do, unsuccessfully I might add.  Alphabet Photography creates photographs out of everyday objects/scenes that represent a letter of the alphabet.  And I have to admit they have a beautiful way of doing so. What can that mean for you?  Well, you can purchase custom frames with Alphabet Photography representing any name you want.  Or you can choose from their premade line.

I received one of their premade photographs from their inspirational series, Mother.


Isn’t it beautiful?! I just love how each object represents a letter and spells out Mother.  There is also a beautiful quote…

'A mother holds her children's hands for a while... their hearts forever.’

I love the elegant black frame that this comes in.  It really helps the beautiful words pop from the picture.

You have to check out the Inspirational Photo Collage Frames as well.  You can add your own personal photos along with one of their inspirational words and quotes. 

Any of Alphabet Photograpy’s photos would make excellent gifts for any holiday or celebration.  Especially since you can create your own word as well.  I can see these for baby gifts with the baby’s name and a little bible verse.  The mother would probably cry! {in a good way} Because I know that I would.

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**we received the above mentioned item for review purposes only.  this is our opinion and it may or may not be the same as yours.


Kelli said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! We have one of these with our last name in our entryway. A local lady sells them. I love these frames and I would love to get another one...hmmm!

Tracy Bentley said...

I tried to do this but it is very hard. My mind was not being creative the day I tried it.
Maybe I will try again. I will check out Alphabet Photography for some inspiration. I wanted to take pictures around my home and create my last name and my son's name.