Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Master Bath Reveal – Before and Afters

After a little over a month, it’s done.  I ripped down walls, Zack and I replaced the ceiling, we painted with mold resistant paint, I painted the vanity and the cabinet that I bought on clearance.  We hunted down the exact towel hooks that we placed in the girls bathroom and bought our chocolate towels and shower curtain that compliments the green and yellow tiles. We replaced lot’s of little details to update our 60’s bathroom.  And I am really pleased.

Prior to this redo, I detested the tiles, but now I really kinda like it!  It just wasn’t in the budget to rip out the tile, tub and toilet now, but that will be done later.  But as you’ll be able to tell with the before and afters, little changes can really make a world of a difference. 


february 2010 004


june 2010 001


february 2010 005


june 2010 006


March 2010 008

March 2010 011

March 2010 007


june 2010 002

june 2010 013

june 2010 014

One day we will replace the sink/counter, tub and toilet, but not until we have the extra money to do so…and you know something I think the tile may just stay! :-)


Beth in NC said...

That looks great! I love the cabinet over the towel rack. I was thinking about painting our 1989 style Oak bathroom sink cabinet a glossy black and changing the hardware. I should do it.

Kelli said...

You guys did a great job...I know it was a lot of hard work. I love the mirror and the new light and the shower curtain is beautiful. Enjoy your new space!

Tracy Bentley said...

very nice you both did an awesome job. we have the same type of tile in our bathroom.

Heatherlyn said...

It looks great!