Friday, June 4, 2010

Comcast…What are You Thinking?!!?


As I scroll through the guide on my digital cable searching for something for the kids to watch I am shocked and appalled to find…ADULT pay per view only 7 channels after HD Disney, 8 channels after HD ABC Family, 9 channels after HD Cartoon Network and 10 channels after HD PBS!!  Do you know that my kids use the guide almost daily heading to go to these channels?  What are they going to ask me when they run across some of the titles of these adult movies?!  Thankfully, I suppose Kelsie is only 4 and can’t read so she isn’t using the guide but my 11 year old can and does!!  I have decided that when she does accidentally run by the tv channels she’s allowed to watch and runs into your horribly placed ADULT pay per view and reads the trashy titles and asks me what it is, etc…that I will call your customer service number and hand the phone to her so that your customer service reps can explain.

Why do you feel the need to have these channels listed at the beginning of the Pay Per View/Package channels??  All before the sports package channels and all before the music channels??  You could have easily hid these after the umpteen dozen sports channels. 

I hope that one day whoever decides the channel placement that their child will run into these channels and ask what it means, etc!


Kelli said...

Yeah that makes no sense. People are stupid...that's my conclusion.

nana said...

I too have Comcast and I've set it so that any show rated 14 or above and any adult programming is only listed as "Adult Programming" with no other indication of what type of show it is and it does NOT give a description of the show! Now I know my kids cannot watch or see the titles of any show rated R or above!

Carrot Jello said...

I have Comcast, and I do what Nana does.