Thursday, June 3, 2010

Going Green..Too Late, Thanks alot BP for Ruining the Present and the Future

I have been keeping up with the location of the oil ever since the explosion happened and the rig sank and the pipe was leaking drowning our gulf waters with black gold oil.  I have to admit I was selfish at first thinking only of the increase of our costs around town, because after all we bring in billions in tourism every year.  I could only imagine our property taxes sky rocketing, even though they are higher than most already.  I could only imagine the cost of our gas going up because after all we are always 10 to 20 cents higher than that of the AL/FL state line.  I could only imagine the pinch in our pockets because after all the economy is already struggling and we feel those effects every pay day.  I could only imagine what our life was going to be like.

Then, I began thinking “wow, we should get our fill of shrimp, grouper and flounder before the cost is so high that only the Queen of England herself could afford to eat it!”. 

But then as of today, the oil is 4 miles off the coast of Pensacola…a city that is about 2 1/2 hours from here, too close to home, too close for comfort.  And my heart sank.  This is catastrophic and not only will my family be effected but so will everybody else’s around the coast and so will the wild life.  Sure I had thought about the animals before but I also kept my glass half full in thinking they would relocate as the water started turning from emerald green to brown.  And then I saw these images and I cried.




This is horrible.  These animals are going to die.  There is just not enough volunteers to rescue, clean up and house these animals.  This will be an impact that not only will my grandchildren see, but I’m sure my great grand children will see as well.  The beaches are ruined.  The sand will no longer be sugar white, but brown and yuck.  Species are going to be extinct and there is nothing that you or I can do about it.

And for some inside information, just so y’all not along the coast will know…The company that Zack works for, which is a govt contracted company is getting groups together to volunteer to help with clean up, etc.  However, the volunteers aren’t allowed to touch the animals to clean them up.  Nor are they allowed to touch the oil either.  So what in the world are they wanting us to help with?!?!  That’s for another post, a rant and fuss if you will.

I’m just sick, sick of what has happened.  We are too late.  We should have went “green” when Al Gore was talking about saving the planet and what not.  We should have started going “green” earlier than that but we’re too late.  And now our lives and animals lives are at stake.

God help us all that will be affected by this.  Please take a minute and say a prayer for everybody that will be effected by this and say a prayer for the people that are working on this mess to figure out a solution.

Photo Source can be found here.


Nichole said...

I saw pictures like these on the news tonight. Makes my heart hurt to see all the damage that is being done. They were also showing a future projection of where the oil will go and it will be all the way around FL and up the east coast in a matter of weeks. I'm hoping the hurricane season is a weak one because I can only imagine the devastation that would occur if a storm were to pick up all the oil with the water.

I would like to quit using any gas station that is supplied by BP. But, I imagine that would hurt the owners more than BP itself.

I don't know...makes me feel helpless as I just sit and watch it on the news.

Kay said...

I cried too, Joanna. I just don't know what to say or do. :'(

Kelli said...

I was the same...oh no, don't ruin my vacation but to see the really effects is so sad.

Kay said...

I realize this makes it only more sad but it's my understanding that the brown pelicans in particular JUST came off the endangered species list last year.
What have we done?

Stephanie said...

I know exactly how you feel, it's so heartbreaking, and knowing there is nothing we can do is even worse.

Wendy said...

This is such a horrible thing. I wonder how many people are for off shore drilling now?