Monday, June 7, 2010

The Beach

We headed out to the beach yesterday because we wanted to catch it before the oil hits.  It has been spotted on the counties beach next to ours, so it’s inevitable that it will be here next.  4 miles from our shore…we wanted to make sure to take it all in before it was ruined.  I brought home a bucket of sand, lot’s of shells and even ocean water! :)  I want to remember it!!
june 2010 005
june 2010 002
june 2010 003
june 2010 006
june 2010 034
june 2010 041
june 2010 042
june 2010 058
It’s beautiful, and I hate that the oil may ruin not only it but the wild life as well.  Right before we left we were in the water one last time and I started noticing that the waves crashing, not on the shore but the ones in the water, a little ways out that the foam was tinted brown. : (  Not sure if that’s from the oil or not, but we left right after just in case.


Kelli said...

Just sad. I hope the clean up is quick and easy and doesn't affect your area for too long.

Anonymous said...

You know it's breaking my heart to see all these pictures of the wildlife covered in oil and you know I hate to see the water and beaches ruined but,letting a little humor in with the pics you have in this post,the one with the birds looking at each other on the seems they are having a conversation and are talking about the people that are in the water..look at it again,it's funny.Who knows though,they may be conversing about what is going to happen to their home :(

A-K said...

So so so sad. Can't believe it :-(

Rambling Girl said...

I know just what you mean....It just breaks my heart seeing all the news reports...What really gets to me is all the businesses that will loose their livelyhood over all this. With the economy so bad for many and now people could loose much more with this senseless selfishness that the big corporate people do.

The marine life and the beautiful beaches just in shambles over all this. I could go on and on but its useless...the damage is done!

I just pray for everyone in the area and in hopes that things will be fixed quick!

It looked like a beautiful day you all had and I would have done the same by taking home some of God's gift!

Kati said...

Oooh!! It looked so fun.. we live really north.. Ohio.. so we will not really suffer from lack of beach time this summer. Your family is adorable.. and I will cross my fingers that the oil doesnt do too much damage.

Heatherlyn said...

The pictures are absolutely beautiful! I hate to think that the oil will completely ruin these beaches. It's tragic!

Wendy said...

I hate that this is happening. We're going to Ft Desoto tomorrow. I'm sure it wont be much longer until the oil makes its way down here.