Friday, April 16, 2010


Wow, this week has crept by and it’s not been a good one!
Of course, Kelsie still has the Fifth Disease and now so does Kayla.  Apparently it happens to be going around right now, here.  My cousin said that it’s at one of the schools and that her clients child has it too.  I am hoping that it’s just gonna go away, quick!
Kelsie hasn’t been itching but she has really been cranky and sleepy these last couple of days.  Zack said that on Wednesday night she was just flat out a turd and that she took a nap before bedtime and still went to sleep on time. {naps never happen and if they do she never goes to bed on time}  Then yesterday she took an hour and a half nap after school and wanted to take another one around 4:30!
Kayla is itching like crazy but luckily her rashes aren’t as bad.  She is also just flat out tired.  I hope that Zack nor I get it.  {although I think I’ve had it as a child}
Anyways.  Wednesday night I went to the Extreme Coupon seminar held by none other than Jenny from Southern Savers.  It was sorta like we were meeting a celebrity. ; )  It was great…the cost of $10 was well worth it!  A lot of it I already had learned from reading all of Southern Savers that I could.  But I also learned quiet a few things as well.  Including, CVSing.  I finally “get it”.  However I’ll have to wait until the new ad comes out to make my first shopping trip, but I’m stoked about it!
We went to Publix last night and the bill came out to $98 and some change…Then I handed over my coupons and I walked out of their paying $65!  It was great!  I’ll have to show y’all my receipt later…but I did have $33 in coupons.  : )
On another note….I made strawberry bread last night for Zack to take to work for his annual Spring bake auction.  They use the money for the 4th of July party.  They have bounce houses, a cook out, face painting and lot’s of other fun things.  We didn’t go last year because we went to the beach with my cousin and her family and aunt and uncle.  This year though we are going to go over to his work.  I’m pretty excited about that!
I have lost a total of 8 pounds…I had lost 7 pounds while on the first week of South Beach, got sick and had to eat carbs.  I had said I was going to jump back on it but didn’t.  I gained one pound back and lost it and an additional one!  I have been really watching what I eat.  Just making sure to consume lots of veggies, water and chicken and making sure any thing that goes into my mouth that is bread of equivalent is whole grain.  I guess it’s working.  I only have 8 more pounds to lose to reach my first mini goal.  I was also going to start working out but mother nature had another idea in mind so that’s put off for another week. 
I have so much to do this weekend…finish up laundry, get in the bathroom and start painting!!!!!!  Paint our cabinet and order a new pool pump, ours went caput! 
Have a great weekend!!


Kelli said...

I hope the girls feel better soon. Caleb had a stomach bug this week (NOT fun). I was supposed to make a dessert for Rondell for something at work too...strawberry pretzel dessert. But with all that was going on we forgot. I need those tips about CVS...I always hear great things but I don't get it.

Amanda said...

I never even heard of Fifths disease...guess its pretty contageous! Eeeek!

I bet the seminar was pretty cool, glad you got to go! I told myself I was going to do better with coupons...but I didn't...I suck :(