Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Baking 101 - Disasters

Last night the girls and I were wanting to indulge on something a little sweet.  We opted on buying any junk food on our grocery trip so unless we wanted to eat a pear, banana or grapes we were going to have to bake it.  I always try and keep things on hand to make brownies or simple cookies so we can make something at the drop of a hat.
  I had strawberries in the fridge that had been in the freezer until I decided I was going to make home made strawberry ice cream.  They were ready to be used but I had forgotten to put my ice cream canister in the freezer.  So I started thinking of something to bake with the strawberries.  I pulled out my mothers old cook book and ran across strawberry bread.  Yum, I thought.  I scanned it over, we had all the ingredients, so let’s make it!
Kayla got all the dry ingredients out of the pantry and I got all the rest.  We started measuring and mixing, mouths were watering. 
I poured the batter into the loaf pan, plopped it in the oven, set the timer and waited.  The time to bake was an hour and a half and I kept checking as I would smell the bread baking along.  It smelled AH-MAZE-ING! 
The kids had to head on to bed but I promised fresh strawberry bread for breakfast with cream cheese. 
The timer dinged, I went in and checked, something was wrong.  Maybe it’s not supposed to be all big and fluffy like most breads.  Ok.  So I let it cool, cut it and I knew then what was wrong.
March 2010 023
Remember when I was baking a new cookie recipe a week?  Yea, ok.  Well at that time I was buying all purpose flour.  I am a self rising gal.  I like to take the easy way out and not worry about salt and baking powder.  Anyways.  Instead of using it all up and then buying my self rising, I was buying self rising and using it straight from the bag.  Well, since Kayla got the canister out it was all purpose.  With the excitement in the air last night I didn’t even think about it. 
The bread is horrible.  So this will be a do over for sure because I am sure it tastes delicious when done right.
Note to self – Throw a label on the canister to tell the baker what kind of flour is actually INside.


Michelle Hoad said...

Been there, done that. Yuck! Sorry and better luck next time.

Kelli said...

Don't you hate that. That is going to be some good bread next time.

Heatherlyn said...

It's quite amazing how much difference the type of flour makes. Maybe this helps explain some of my own cooking dissasters! What a yummy thing though, strawberry bread with cream cheese. It would definitely be worth seeing if you could get it to turn out!

Beth in NC said...

Eewwww. It definitely didn't turn out like you had planned. Next time will be better.