Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Woman wants to Weigh 1000 pounds – Pathetic!

I am shocked and appalled after reading about the fantasy of the now 602 pound woman.  Most normal people who have reached that enormous size try to lose weight, they want to get healthy and be able to do the daily activities that life require.  However according to Donna Simpson, she wants to tack on another 398 pounds!  Yes, y’all read that right.    That would make her a whopping One Thousand Pounds! 
I personally think the lady is crazy.  What normal human being would want to bring those sort of health issues on themselves?  None, that are in their right minds.
Donna Simpson has a website according to news articles where people actually pay to watch her eat! 
“I love eating and people love watching me eat,” Donna says. “It makes people happy, and I’m not harming anyone.”
Actually to comment on what she said…I assure you, Donna, nobody likes watching you eat.  If anybody is watching, it is only out of shear nosey-ness.  It is absolutely disgusting to watch people eat no matter what their size is.  Nobody wants to see you or anybody else for that matter chomping away on a cookie or scarfing down a bag of potato chips.  It makes nobody happy at all, sure they may smile but it’s simply because they don’t want to show the disgust on their faces as you inhale your food and pack on even more weight.  You are in fact harming somebody.  Yourself.  Your daughter and your family
You are harming yourself because you are putting yourself at increased health risks which in turn is harming those that love you the most because do you really want your family {YOUR CHILD} to grow up without you?  All because you wanted to simply be selfish and gain all this weight to get some stupid Guinness World Record!!
I seriously pray that you do not reach your goal and that you forget this ridiculous idea of yours.  What do you want your family to tell your child at your funeral?  Don’t you want your child to strive for more than what you are teaching her?  Right now you don’t move around much because you don’t want to burn calories which in turn will make you lose weight.  Your child is already suffering. 
You say that your boyfriend is supportive of you?!  I think that you should find a new love in your life.  Your Will to be the mother that your child deserves.
I read the article at Fox News, but you can Google and read any one you’d like, if you haven’t already heard about this crazy lady.


Michelle Hoad said...

In my head, I'm picturing Jabba the Hut. I know some people have a problem and need help, but she is choosing to be this enormous and unhealthy.

Kelli said...

That is just SICK. I don't understand.

Beth in NC said...

Obviously she is bound. Pitiful.

Heatherlyn said...

I guess she gave up on being healthy and now wants to excell at something. It's kind of like people who become obsessed with losing weight and end up anorexic only she's going the other way.

One thing, I don't think that any one, any insurance, any government plan should have to pay a dime to help any health costs she incurs as a result of being so overweight.