Friday, February 5, 2010

My Secret…Shh…Promise you’ll Still be my Friends

I have taken many photos of the house and shown them to y’all.  From our living room to the kitchen.  Ya’ll were with me when we made Kelsie’s room over and gave the girls/guest bathroom a face lift.

All this time I’ve had a dirty secret that I didn’t want anybody to know about.  I was worried y’all wouldn’t like me anymore.  You see my house inside isn’t all beautiful.  Not all my rooms are guest presentable {unless your family}. 

This one room would never appear in a magazine nor would it appear on a tv show unless it was for the ugliest room. 

I am ashamed of such a room in our house, but honestly it cost just a bit out of our budget.  You see this one room is going to have to be gutted.  The only thing to remain…the floor.  The rest will have to go.

I hope after I step outside of the “blogger zone” of what y’all are used to seeing all around that you’ll know that I am a normal real person and not one that only shows the best.  Because I don’t have the best all around.

This is our master bathroom.  Please shield your eyes if your stomach is easily churned by colors of pea green and mustard yellow mixed in with some sort of funky aqua shell strange board material.

february 2010 004  february 2010 005

This bathroom was this way when my parents bought this house.  However, to their defense, the tub and sink were not peeling. {no photos of this}  We {Zack and I} have figured that the homeowners repainted/glazed this themselves and didn’t do it right.  Even the tile in our shower is painted. {the yellow portion} Because it’s not even the same yellow as the rest, plus there are no grout lines!  We have spoken about plans on what to do and how to go about tackling this room.  We have decided that the only thing that can be done is to gut it.  The tile has GOT to go.  The walls and ceiling have GOT to go.  The sink/cabinet has GOT to go.  However, we are on a budget.  And when you are on a real person’s budget it’s not that easy to do.

Ya’ll will get to go on this adventure this summer/fall as we/I get to work ripping out the walls/tiles.  And begin to put together something much more serene.  Something that will include bead board.

I am working right now on my inspiration.  I am starting a file on the desktop for bathroom ideas.  If you know of any awesome inspirations, send me links and even email me photos if yours is pretty awesome.  I would love to see what ideas y’all have.  Just know that the one element I will have is bead board.  The rest is in the air on what to include. *smiles*

I told y’all it was ugly.  I hope you’ll still want to be my friend. *smiles*


Lamp Tramp said...

Nah, it's not ugly. It just needs some updating as about millions of all of us bloggers are doing! That's the neat thing about all the home decor blogs. You can get such great ideas, inspirations, and motivation from so many people!

You are young and have a young family that takes most of your time as it should. Your home projects will always wait for you, don't be too harsh on yourself!

Courtney said...

Oh my dear bloggy friend...if you would have seen the first master bathroom in the place hubby and I lived, you would be ready to broadcast these photos to Country Living....your bathroom looks much better than ours did. :) Don't worry. We still like you.

Kelli said...

Of course I'll still be your friend. If you had the perfect house it wouldn't be the same...what would there be to work on!? Have fun with the major project...and I LOVE beadboard.

Sherri said...

Well,you know I've used this bathroom many times,and even though the pictures make the bathroom look somewhat different than it really know that I've actually always liked this bathroom even though it's outdated.I will hate to see it go.

Amanda said...

Maybe you can just sand and paint the cabinets and mirror in the meantime. What about the top of the walls too - is it paintable? Lime green can be fun, ha :) Until you can get what you really shame in that. And I'm like Sherri...I loves that bathroom too :)

Lilith Silvermane said...

~hugs~ I'll still be your friend. #1 Cause I think you rock, but #2 because the rest of your pad is AWESOME! I just hope to get mine there... soon... very very soon.

Rambling Girl said...

I actually like the tile...guess I like older homes better...Not that bad at all!

Heatherlyn said...

Actually, I'm very excited to see how you do this all yourself. I think you are brave to tackle the project. AND, there are many undone rooms in my house. Nothing horribly tacky, but just truly bla. Maybe you will inspire me to paint them or something. :)

Linda said...

I will be looking for your makeover...I'm sure it will look outstanding! Hope you have a FUN weekend:)


schwadette said...

oh my heavens... is that a GREEN toilet?? personally... i think that's kind of cool (strange, i know). my parents used to have a blue toilet. i find colored toilets interesting. such a FUN project... you can totally do it on a budget. i look forward to seeing the final reveal eventually :)