Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lost, Still Confused

**Spoiler Alert**
OooooK.  So we sat down and started watching Lost as soon as it came on.  First off, I was confused from the start all the way to the end.  I thought that last night was supposed to reveal all these “answers”, but I didn’t seen any!  And that is frustrating!
How on Earth is Locke the “Smoke Monster”?  That question was not answered.  What about the fact that Locke’s dead body was lying on the beach because it was brought back on the plane on the season finale last year because Ben killed him…If Ben did kill him how in the world was he up and alive in the other Locke body?!
Why did they keep doing flashes to the flight that originally went down.  However, in these flashes it didn’t go down.  And they all kinda had these “run in’s” with one another.  And Jack’s dads coffin was missing!  I don’t see how they are in two places at once.
Siyad, he died and then came back to life….however, is it him or is it Jacob now?  Hmmm. 
I did not want Sawyers wife to die.  I loved them together.  And her big important message was “it worked”…but how?  If it were in fact a nuclear bomb, wouldn’t they all have died?  What time are they in?  The jumping of time has stopped, so where did they end up.
Did anybody else find any answers?  Or or y’all still confused as me?


Kelli said...

I'm still just as confused! Why does the "evil" one have to STILL be in Locke's body if he is done tricking people into thinking he's Locke. Why are they in two places at once and why are things different on the plane (like Hurley not thinking his winnings were cursed and that one guys sister was not even on the plane), how did IT work?, how is Sayid alive (Rondell wondered if he's Jacob too), then the flight attendant said they were from the first crash (like is there a second?)...SO CONFUSING. I expect more answers next week.

Darlene said...

I've never watched it so no help at all here.♥

schwadette said...

totally confused... so are they living in a parallel universe? Locke is just whacked... then again it's NOT Locke after all. Interesting. i'm REALLY curious how this is all going to work out...

Wendy said...

Im pretty lost myself. But Im 100% sure that "Locke" is the man in black from the last episode of last season.